Sales Executive

How things look today

Recently established in Geneva, Valtech Switzerland is a young and entrepreneurial organization servicing prominent brands across Switzerland already. We’re part of the Valtech Group spanning 5 continents with 40+ offices and 2.500+ digital natives around the world – Paris, Munich, New York, Singapore, Buenos Aires - just to name a few. This time around, however, our eyes are set on establishing a base in Zürich or Basel and you may very well be our very first Soldier – let alone Captain!

A couple of years from now, we see ourselves running two sizable Swiss locations allowing us to go full-service - both in terms of team composition and depth and breadth of services to clients. We are looking for a Sales Executive who shares that ambition. Someone who can work with our existing business, yet also work the market and establish a wider footprint in the Swiss German economy allowing Valtech to finally set up shop. This requires an executive-level ability to identify opportunities and position services that will grow our clients’ businesses and that of our own.

The candidate in question should be of an entrepreneurial spirit and a Senior Manager in the making. This level of leadership experience does not need to be present in the candidate’s profile, but the potential should be evident in the candidate’s experience and competences.

The candidate

We don’t believe in boxes. Valtech, a leading international digital agency, is looking for a digital native tired of being pigeonholed.

At Valtech, we like to consider our agency as a refuge for scores of digital natives fleeing from traditional work environments. We believe that having a job where you have to wear many hats makes you creative. We believe versatility is the key to success. If you share that conviction, then this role might be right for you.

We’re looking for a Sales Executive who does more than sell. While it is true that in this position you’ll do all of the traditional business development tasks: you’ll work with a sales team, you’ll respond to RFPs and focus on performance, yet you’ll do so much more.

We know the term “visionary” can be overused. And it might seem like it’s a bit much for a digital agency. We know all of that, and we’re using the term anyway. Here’s what we mean and what we expect:

  1. In order to see where the next great digital trend will be, you have to know the trends that are now. You are comfortable working on the forefront of the digital frontier, the place where new digital civilizations are discovered and claimed every minute. You will be forging new paths, and claiming them in the names of our clients.
  2. Your digital savvy is not limited by platform. In today’s marketplace, platforms come and go. Our visionary isn’t restrained by the current limitations of devices or channels. In fact, you’re way beyond devices. When you look at the world around you, all you see is code. Your vision is of a world that is completely connected. And you actively work to turn that vision into reality.
  3. You like a challenge. You are curious, open minded and have a high level of self-learning ability;
  4. You are a true connector and team player. As well within the Valtech organisation as within our existing partnerships. We are not looking for the best individuals: we want to have the best teams;
  5. You are a natural leader in your domain and you get things done. Digital is your passion. You work shoulder to shoulder with different disciplines, including design, technology and digital marketing;
  6. Leadership’s in your blood. You’re not the type who just wants to fade into the background and accomplish great things behind the scenes. That doesn’t mean you’re a limelight seeker, but you don’t shy away from it either. You are open to challenges and you’ve probably been told on repeated occasions that you have IT – that mystical X-factor companies look for when their identifying potential future leaders. We don’t believe in boxes, and we don’t set limits either. This role’s potential is only limited by the person occupying it.

What you won’t be doing

  • Sitting behind a desk
  • Leaving the business development to someone else
  • Thinking only about the next sale

What you will be doing

  • Actively promoting Valtech to potential and existing clients
  • Thinking of new ways to package our digital know-how in relevant services that our clients can’t live without
  • Working hand-in-hand with our technical and creative digital elite – locally and globally
  • Hitting the pavement – looking for that next great opportunity
  • Expanding the boundaries of our already significant digital portfolio

Where you’ve been

Welcome to the school of hard knocks.

We’re looking for someone who’s learned a lot by doing. You’re not a textbook anything. The only way you learn is by rolling up your sleeves and digging in to whatever assignment you’re given. More specifically, you’ve probably worked in business development and sales roles for other digital agencies. You have an international point of view (meaning you know that the world isn’t flat and that there’s life on the other side of the mountains.) You might even be returning to Switzerland after a stint abroad.

You’re used to dealing with clients, so you’ve had your share of client-facing roles. You know what it takes to be the go-between, translating client expectations into technical requirements and creative direction.

You need to have the mind of a consultant, and be able to approach projects with that point of view.

You’re used to managing others, but not micro-managing. We trust each other, so we don’t feel the need to look over each other’s shoulder to see if we’re doing our jobs. We operate with a people-centric philosophy. The most important thing is the person in front of you, not the position you have to fill. The way you bring the greatest benefit to Valtech is by being able to identify the potential you have in each employee and creating a position that magnifies that potential.

You have excellent written and spoken German AND English communication skills.

And the showstopper: you must have worked within the digital space. Digital agency, digital consultancy, however your former employer chose to describe themselves, the core of the matter is that you have worked with digital natives day in and day out: designing digital solutions, speaking in terms of pixels and bytes and evangelizing the benefits of a wireless society. You must have lived and breathed this stuff; otherwise you’ll just be annoyed working with us.

How we work

We’re consultants…

with an agency mindset. We believe in working together, and that the best results come when we pool our knowledge and brainstorm the right solution for our customers.

We’re passionate…

about all things digital. Our ambition is to be the leading provider of digital solutions. Our customers look to us to help them succeed in the digital landscape. We deliver work that makes them the digital leaders in their industries, based on a thorough understanding of their business and a close collaboration with their employees.

We talk to each other.

We don’t believe in silos. We work across disciplines, with account managers, developers and creatives sitting side-by-side, pooling their collective wisdom in order to come up with the best solution for our clients.

We’re agile...

As in we follow the methodology in our projects and in the way we work with each other and our clients. 

We’re international.

We’re local and global. We’re part of the global Valtech Group, spanning 5 continents with 40+ offices around the world – London, New York, Singapore, Buenos Aires - just to name a few. We are innovators, design thinkers, marketers, creatives and developers, who all create unprecedented success for our Global 500 clients while optimizing time-to-market and return on investment.

As part of a global organization we have multi-cultural local environments that are both open and collaborative, offering unmatched opportunities for personal and professional development – locally as well as globally.

We interact across countries, disciplines, trades, roles and teams. We are consultants before anything else and take ownership of our own work, clients and careers.

We provide everyone with freedom and sky-high opportunities - in return, we expect an equally high degree of accountability and dedication.

As part of our general transparent approach, we like to deal with salary upfront. So when you apply, let us know what you expect.