Salesforce Order Management (SOM) Senior Developer w/m

Salesforce Order Management (SOM) Senior Developer w/m


Become a key player to ensure technology meet platform compatibility!
Join our program of several Valtech teams (Silver partner of Salesforce Commerce Cloud solution).

Our big luxury client needs us to implement his Salesforce OMS in Q1 2022 (March).

You'll have to play with the development team, interact with the client, read technical documentation, make diagrams, etc.

The "core team" (Paris) is responsible for the technical architecture, agile best practices and DevOps organization. Our agile squad teams (Paris + Ukraine) are in charge of country deployments and local adaptations.

Role/Mission Salesforce Order Management (SOM) Developer

You will have the opportunity to expand your expertise across the Salesforce Platform.

As a Senior SOM Developer, you will help them find solutions to their business cases. The everyday challenges will keep you engaged and motivated at work!

You will:

  • Assist third-party developers to troubleshoot their integration with APIs, Apex, Visualforce and implementation of other developer products.
  • Write sample code, client libraries, and contribute to Open-Source projects
  • Create knowledge base materials - dedicated towards operational efficiency
  • Define and describe technical best practices.
  • Develop and maintain technical expertise in assigned areas of product functionality
  • Resolve customer service issues and skill-fully manage complex customer service problems
  • Manage customers’ expectations and experience in a way that results in high customer satisfaction
  • Help and assist customers based on your expertise
  • Review support cases for technical and troubleshooting accuracy.
  • Identify product and services up-sell opportunities and describe with accuracy Salesforce solutions to customers
  • Assist with the design and delivery of product
  • Support the technical training
  • Complete assigned project responsibilities
  • Meet the monthly goals on KPIs, Productivity



  • You have an educational background as an engineer Master degree in a technical field preferred with a strong academic record
  • You have 3+ years’ experience as a Developer
  • As a Salesforce OMS consultant, you are certified as an Administrator e/o Developer
  • You have a first experience on Lightning, Lighting Web Components & Aura, Field Service Lightning (FSL)
  • You are well-versed with basic web technologies such as Javascript
  • You have a first experience on Visualforce and Apex (Synchronous and Asynchronous)
  • You are used to continuous integration approach - REST/SOAP/Bulk API and Deployment-Metadata API/ANT Migration tool/CLI
  • Your technical background gives you a knowledge about SOQL/SOSL
  • You know about authentication, SSO/Auth Provider
  • Event driven architecture - Platform Events, Streaming API, Change data capture
  • You have a great understanding of database concepts and data management (RDBMS) and SQLExperience

Last but not least: An experience as a committer in an Open-source project and on Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a plus!


  • You have an excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • You have a solid understanding of the Internet technologies: firewalls, web servers, web proxy servers, etc.
  • You have a great understanding of database concepts and data management (RDBMS) and SQLExperience
  • As a team player, you know about agile principles
  • You’re fluent in English, both written and oral

Valtech Values : Share - Dare - Care

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  • Care : We care about the end user experience. We care for our clients' businesses and about the quality of the things we create. We care deeply about the vibe and well being of our teams. We care for ourselves and our colleagues to live healthy lives. We care about the world we live in and in taking responsibility for our role in improving human lives and making the world a better place for everyone.

The Agency

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