Senior DevOps (AWS)

Senior DevOps (AWS)

Senior DevOps Engineer

The Ideal Candidate:
— 4+ years of experience in enterprise-level AWS;
— must have good English communication skills from Upper Intermediate level;
— strong experience with Maven build;
— excellent knowledge and wide experience in Docker and containersation;
strong experience in CI/CD (specifically Gitlab pipelines);
— experience in working in Agile/Scrum;
— experience working with distributed teams and clients;
— familiar with Terraform;
— knowledge of Cloud formation;
— experience of Automated testing;
— scripting.

knowledge of working with a CMS.

The Role:
Ultimately you will be responsible for delivering the devOps stories by creating and maintaining a 100% scripted scalable, resilient and performant AWS infrastructure. Being effective in devOps delivery isn’t all about the code though, and you will also be expected to:
— participate in workshops to help identify and refine user requirements;
— participate in the iterative design of the system, contributing effectively to technical conversations and apply a knowledge of principles and patterns to problems;
—be able to think independently, work through problems and challenge decisions where appropriate;
— be able to work to a defined set of project technical standards;
— write automated tests, understand automated testing principles and, with our QA strategy, judge the appropriate use tests to ensure you deliver verifiable working code;
— work effectively on the code base with the team using managed source control systems, branching strategies, and good development practices.
As a Consultant you are expected to develop expertise both in technology and the means to communicate complex concepts and rationale to non-techies. We’ll encourage and support this with frequent opportunities to share ideas internally. We also have consultants frequently deliver at regional, national and global conferences.

The Opportunity
We are looking for highly motivated people to complete our DevOps team and start work with the greatest clients you might ever seen. It is all about eCommerce on a global level, either B2C or B2B projects. You will be the part of the international team: United Kingdom, Ukraine.