UX/Service Designer

Are you ready for new challenges?

Are you working as a UX or service designer, and are you thinking of taking the next step in your career? At Valtech there are many options available, whether you want to settle into a niche or make a wider occupational footprint. Whether you want to work on projects in-house or out at the customer; whether you want to run feasibility studies or produce designs, there is ample opportunity for you to evolve together with your colleagues in one of our design teams.  

Having acquired a taste for strategy and business development, perhaps you want to work closely with our business developers on the pre-sales and pitch phase? Perhaps you like helping others grow, and want to lead your colleagues in methodology and skills development? Or are you simply passionate about creating world-class services with like-minded people?

No matter where you happen to be today, there is a place for you here. By pursuing digital partnerships we deliver real value to our customers through our projects. Our breadth of expertise means that we are able to employ a holistic approach and help customers from idea generation to launch, and subsequently to further develop and refine the services. 

Right now we are looking for someone who has:

  • the ability to understand the customer, the business and the needs of the organisation, and to convert this knowledge into services that work and provide real value.
  • been involved in service design and has at least five years of experience in UX research and concept development.
  • is fluent in both spoken and written Swedish.

It’s also a plus if you:

  • are skilled at fostering participation and understanding by involving users and other stakeholders in the design and development work.
  • have been involved in the introduction of strategic KPI-driven working methods in an organisation, and have applied web analytics methods in the development of a service.
  • are well-versed in the introduction and management of service design methods in various organis
  • have experience identifying and surveying the digital concept's relationship to other customer interactions on the customer journey.

Come and have a chat over a cup of coffee or lunch, and ask us how we can help you in your professional development.

Valtech är en digital partner som med kreativitet, teknik och lättrörliga arbetssätt gör sina kunder bättre. Vi har haft en stadig tillväxt sedan starten och finns idag i Stockholm och Göteborg. Våra konsulter jobbar inom systemutveckling, gränssnitt, UX, strategi och design.