Vice President, Marketing Science

Amanda Shiga

Amanda Shiga is Vice President, Marketing Science at Valtech and longtime Sitecore MVP based in Toronto. Her practice focuses on measuring, optimizing and personalizing the digital experience for a portfolio of international clients, as well as applying data science techniques to marketing scenarios.

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Why upgrade to Sitecore 9

Considerations for upgrading your Sitecore version

January 05, 2018

The Future of Marketing with Sitecore: Data, Intelligence and Machine Learning with Cortex

The world of marketing technology is undergoing a significant evolution as platform vendors strive to capitalize on two capabilities: 1) the capture of omni-channel customer behavior and 2) the application of machine learning capabilities to this data, to uncover deeper insights and to automate personalization and segmentation.

November 17, 2017

Sitecore as a BI Source: An ode to the Version 8-era xDB

Disclaimer: This post refers to Sitecore 8.1. With xConnect coming in version 9, many of the ETL components below will simplify, but the broader principles of Sitecore’s contributions stay consistent.

November 15, 2017