Digital Consultant – UX Performance

Arthur Ciamous

Arthur Ciamous

After studying business law and investigating the marketing field at ESCP Europe, Arthur joined Valtech in 2016 as a digital consultant.

Identifying new trends and innovative initiatives in the digital industry is a central part of his job.

Arthur is also part of Valtech France's data analytics team where he analyses the online performance of customer paths.

My Insights

VR, mobiles, algorithms…  new ways to have fun!

VR, mobiles, algorithms… new ways to have fun!

The entire entertainment vertical has been turned upside down with the advent of virtual reality and our total reliance on mobile technology. Going to the movies or a concert, or watching a box set will always be fun things to do with family and friends, but consumer expectations are changing and the entertainment sector is moving with the times. How to improve an experience second time round or make what’s on offer to customers bigger and better are the major upcoming challenges faced by the entertainment world.

December 22, 2017
Shopping online: new models and constant changes

Shopping online: new models and constant changes

While this year’s Cyber Monday and Black Friday have just come and gone, Alibaba has turned in a record-breaking Global Shopping Festival when $25.3bn was spent online during the 24-hour show. This no longer surprises anyone, given that 70% of millennials say they would rather shop online than go out to stores. The market is not just a case of giving users a host of experiences, the entire online shopping supply chain, ranging from payment methods to delivery services, is constantly changing.

November 29, 2017

Chatbots, AI: when conversation becomes a service hub

AI is a hot topic this year, and social media giants are already fighting nails and teeth to transform what could be tomorrow’s main service platform: our everyday conversations on messaging apps (whether it means chatting up your favourite local coffee brand or your best friends’ ‘soccer Sunday’ WhatsApp group). This is an exciting field and a major battleground for GAFA. If Amazon seems to have the lead with Alexa, the vocal assistant’s adoption curve still leaves room for other players and innovations to plug in.

July 31, 2017