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Kristian Duvald Friis

Kristian Duvald Friis

Kristian is an experienced advisor within digital marketing working with both Danish and international companies. His main focus lies within helping companies secure customer experience leadership through omni-channel strategies and personalization by leveraging the customer data. He has been working as trusted advisor within his field for clients such as Copenhagen Airports, Scandic and Telia.

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Start with omni-channel today

10 hands-on steps to implement omni-channel

November 02, 2016

What you can learn from Dr. Phil on how to make your customers stay in love with you!

In a time where customers can walk away from you whenever they feel they can do better elsewhere, having good relationships is critical for your success as a business. As in any relationship, there are some key ingredients that are essential for success. So when I researched for a recent webinar, hosted with our partner Innometrics, "Love Smart" by Dr. Phil popped up, and who better to give advice on happy relationships? 

April 25, 2016

How to move your Customer Experience to the next level

It’s the talk of the town these days. For good reason. Because: the only way you will become a top performing company is by having top customer satisfaction. And the only way to get top customer satisfaction, is by providing top customer experience (CX)

January 22, 2016