Marketing Manager

Maria Brunckhorst Schmidt

Maria Brunckhorst Schmidt

Maria is the Danish Marketing Manager, who has worked in digital media since 2001 with content, product management, commercial development and marketing. With a degree in Communication and International Marketing she enjoys working with a broad variety of people across the world, driving projects with measurable value. When not in the office you can find her in the local yoga studio or on the running trails during early mornings.

My Insights

From Mass Media To Social Media: A Hard-Hitting Change visualization image

From Mass Media To Social Media: A Hard-Hitting Change

If the omnipresence of social media already seems like a natural part of our daily lives, the opportunities it presents can be better understood when compared to declining traditional media. In only ten years, the television audience in the US has fallen by an average of 50%.

October 20, 2014

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