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Pascal Malotti

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Connected Beauty

Have you ever looked at yourself in a smart mirror? You first gaze at yourself as if you were looking into your phone’s front camera, without filter. You might notice that your complexion is a tad too pasty, your facial features a bit tired, your pores ever so large or even see a few of those blasted white hairs. Then, you’ll let the thing perform its analysis – one might even say its diagnosis - of you before asking it to show you, oh mirror on the wall, what it could do for you.

June 18, 2019

Apple goes it alone in Silicon Valley

Do not say GAFA anymore, say GAF. Indeed, over the past few months Apple has started distancing itself from its Silicon Valley neighbours - Facebook in particular - by hammering home its difference when it comes to the treatment of personal data. Thus, Tim Cook, the new boss of Apple, makes Steve Job’s commitment his own: to allow each and every one their own secret garden within the digital jungle. Communicational positioning to some, true conviction to others – no matter what Apple’s real motivations are, the company has multiplied its speeches on the matter for months. And, while the American giant might not be exempt from criticism, one has to admit that its personal data protection policy is much more ethical and respectful than most of his peers.

April 25, 2019

Is Retail Apocalypse inevitable?

Last June two leading toy retailers, La Grande Récré, in receivership, and Toys’R’Us, which announced the closure of all its stores in the US, became the most recent victims of the Retail Apocalypse. This expression, used by Americans to describe the negative effects of e-commerce on bricks-and-mortar stores, highlights a phenomenon thought to have caused the closure of over 3,000 stores in the US in 2017. Most blame for this is laid at the feet of the digital retail giants, Amazon first and foremost among them. However, things are not quite as simple as they may seem.

October 16, 2018