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You'll never guess what MSNBC thinks about 4K

At Valtech's Dinner on Demand, an un-conference style event in the heart of Amsterdam, Adobe's Kevin Bishop asked the following question of Richard Wolffe, Digital GM for MSNBC:

September 14, 2015

No, Tim, Apps have been the future of TV for around a DECADE

I don’t want this to seem like a rant, or sound like I hold anything against Tim Cook and the Apple squad for being good at what they do, but it’s important to recognise that sometimes, the things Apple are “inventing” are merely rebrands of existing technologies that people have been doing REALLY WELL in many different industries for years.

September 12, 2015

Data-Driven Media, Anonymous Audiences no Longer Exist!

There’s a new model of content consumption in town, and the data now available cannot be ignored...

September 11, 2015