Lead UX Designer - DK

Rise Vestergaard

Rise is Senior UX designer at Valtech in Copenhagen. Rise has a background in Art Direction and UX design in advertising and for the content- and digital asset management industry.

My Insights

Stay relevant to your audience and start personalizing content!

Segmentation has been on the marketing map since the 1950’s. We are all well aware of the necessity of targeting our services to specific audiences with specific preferences, but now we have the tools that enable us to significantly improve our use of segmentation and take it to a more personal level.

September 18, 2017

If Content is King, then the Author is Queen

Author Experience (AX) is a design discipline that too often is neglected. As an experienced UX designer, I strongly believe that any CMS should be built with AX as a priority. Why? Because the author should be able to create content without having to jump through hoops because of a system that was not built with the author’s workflow in mind.

July 22, 2015