Strategy consultant

Romain Chataigner

Romain Chataigner

For the past few years, Romain has been helping international brands achieve sustainable digital transformation projects.

Passionate about marketing and big ideas, perceptive and creative, he works on transversal strategic themes, from technology to innovation, from vision to governance.

Strategic planner in a previous life, he puts the consumer at the very heart of his reflexion and promotes a consulting approach ambitious, tailored and impactful.

My Insights

Explaining blockchain to my mother

In 1995, Newsweek editorialist Clifford Stoll wrote about the Internet, this distant and overrated technology that would never challenge the business models of the time. Today we're facing similar discussions with the blockchain, a topic widely unknown and/or misunderstood despite its potentially game-changing impact on our future.

August 29, 2017

The ever-faster pulse of social TV

Video is everywhere. In a blink of an eye, as 3G and 4G developed throughout the world, it escaped its consecrated districts – YouTube and good old TV – to colonize just about everything: our Facebook feeds, our tweets, our snaps, even our romantic lives through the now classic “Netflix & Chill”. If you have your doubts about this, ask your kids. Their lives are paced to the rhythm of Instagram, Snapchat, Periscope, YouTube or Twitch. When they’re not broadcasting their own lives, they’re avidly watching others’, from friends’ to total strangers’.

June 30, 2017

What it means to be a social brand in 2016

One of the most complicated challenges in digital this year was how to play your cards right in the social media game. And let’s be honest: in 2015, a lot of advertisers failed. There were numerous traps: new platforms, revised algorithms, cases of force majeure, underlying stagnation… But don’t you panic! So you can thrive next semester, we got your back with this sweet cheat sheet.

December 17, 2015