Strategy Director, Valtech NL

Stijn van Aert

Stijn van Aert

Stijn works on the cutting edge of marketing, design and technology. The infinity of digital opportunities inspires him to explore new ways to create value for brands and people. He combines creativity with business sense to accelerate the digital transformation of established (international) brands. Stijn works at Valtech Netherlands: a digital agency, pioneer in creating memorable experiences. Valtech has a presence in thirteen countries and has over 2000 digital experts.

My Insights

The convergence of brand, service & commerce

Most senior executives recognise the need for digital transformation. Transformation aims to create new business models or redefine existing business dynamics. To create real transformation convergence of the dimensions brand, service, and commerce is required. The convergence creates new experiences and gives brands distinctive power. This post shares the findings of ‘convergence research’ conducted among top 500 Dutch companies. Insight is provided into the challenges that must be overcome and the choices that need to be made to successfully integrate brand, service, and commerce.

August 31, 2016