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Valtech helps brands grow in China through Alibaba and Chatlabs partnership

Growth is key for all businesses. Companies spend years attempting to grow their customer base in many ways. But when the time comes to expand into new regions and markets, the difficulties and expense of that growth can be taxing. There are new laws and regulations to consider as well as differing customer behaviors based on different culture. Combining forces with a partner who knows the area you’re expanding into, or using tools and platforms already successful in the new region are the easiest ways to find success.  


With Valtech combining forces with ChatLabs, there’s now a pathway for companies to expand into China and the APAC region more easily than before. As a Salesforce Summit partner, we’re using our years of experience to offer an innovative solution for complete customer 360° experiences on Salesforce in China in a context of regulatory changes concerning privacy, data residency and security. Whether you’re looking to break into the region for the first time or empower your existing business with improved personalization and functionality within the region, the experts at Valtech can help.  


We are excited to unveil an unprecedented partnership between two tech giants, Salesforce and Alibaba Cloud, which brings forth a powerful solution for businesses aiming to thrive in the Chinese market. This groundbreaking collaboration promises to revolutionize your business operations and customer engagement in China. With Valtech's comprehensive playbook for Salesforce Customer 360 and Alibaba Cloud migration, we will empower your business success in the Chinese market.  


Opening the pathway to growth

Salesforce, the world's number one CRM platform, and Alibaba Cloud, a global leader in cloud computing, have joined forces to create a unique opportunity to revolutionize how businesses operate and engage with their customers in China. This strategic alliance allows companies to leverage Salesforce Customer 360, including Sales and Service Cloud, through Alibaba Cloud's extensive network. By doing so, businesses can now benefit from the best of both worlds: Salesforce's cutting-edge CRM capabilities and Alibaba Cloud's high-performance, secure and scalable infrastructure, which we at Valtech propose to complete with our Chatlabs offering. Valtech's partnership with Chatlabs marks a significant milestone in redefining how luxury retailers conduct business in China. By combining Chatlab Accelerator’s advanced solutions with Salesforce, we enable retailers to deliver personalized customer journeys and 360° social experiences for Chinese clients.  


ChatLabs, Valtech and Salesforce: a perfect match

As three data-led businesses, the partnership between ChatLabs, Salesforce and Valtech is a match made in heaven. Our solutions fit seamlessly together, with Salesforce's CRM platform providing the foundation for customer relationship management, Valtech's implementation expertise ensuring a comprehensive and efficient deployment, and ChatLabs' native integration capabilities enabling brands to engage and convert customers on any major social platform. 



2023-Quotes-Portrait-Michel Tjoeng -Salesforce-Chana Project 1.jpg

Our new strategic partnership with Valtech is a natural fit, and we are excited to offer this innovative solution to brands in China. Our integration with Salesforce's CRM platform, combined with Valtech's expertise in Salesforce implementation and deployment on Alicloud, enables brands to optimize their customer relationship management and deliver personalized experiences across all channels. This is an exciting time for us, and we look forward to helping brands in China build stronger relationships with their customers.

Michel Tjoeng
- SVP of Sales & Marketing at ChatLabs

Together, ChatLabs, Valtech and Salesforce are offering a game-changing solution for brands in China, enabling them to create full customer 360° experiences that drive engagement and loyalty.

Adapting to the evolution of China’s privacy regulations

For companies already using Salesforce in the EU and U.S., extending their operations to China is often challenging due to regulatory requirements and the usage of local CRM systems.  

Managing compliance within China's regulatory landscape involves navigating a complex web of multiple players. These range from national and sectoral regulators to multiple geographic regulatory layers, such as national, provincial and district rules.   


To address these challenges, Valtech recommends the concept of “Operating Zones.” For global companies, setting up distinct “organizations” within each applicable Operating Zone is recommended; these can operate independently or share configurations depending on the business model. Thus, we suggest that our international customers start “organization split” projects to exploit Salesforce's new features and ensure compliance.  



The Valtech advantage: our 6-Step playbook to expand your Salesforce into China

Valtech, as your trusted partner in digital transformation, is fully committed to supporting your business towards its expansion in China. To do so, we have meticulously designed a best-practice approach that incorporates a reusable and incremental playbook. Here's a glimpse of what we provide to help you seize new opportunities through our playbook. 


Step 1) Feasibility assessment & support 

Our expert team conducts a thorough feasibility assessment which evaluates various factors to determine the viability of adopting Salesforce Customer 360, powered by Alibaba Cloud. We offer honest and insightful recommendations and ensure you make informed decisions.  


Step 2) Strong onboarding enablement 

Navigating through the implementation process can be challenging, but Valtech ensures a seamless onboarding experience. Our enablement strategy equips your team with the necessary knowledge and tools to harness the full potential of this partnership.  


Step 3) Tailored assessment tools and processes 

We understand that every business is unique: Our assessment tools and processes are tailored to your specific requirements, enabling us to craft a customized roadmap for a successful deployment.  


Step 4) Build methodology with reusable common assets 

Speed and efficiency are paramount in implementing innovative solutions. Valtech's proven build methodology incorporates the reuse of common assets, reducing development time and costs while maintaining consistent quality.  


Step 5) Rollout and validation processes 

We accompany you every step of the way during the rollout phase and we ensure a seamless deployment aligned with your business objectives. Our validation processes guarantee that everything works flawlessly, so you can focus on driving growth.  


Step 6) Strong governance for ongoing success 

Our playbook is not static; it evolves with each implementation, taking into account unique insights and learnings from each project. With a strong governance structure, we ensure that your journey with Salesforce Customer 360 remains adaptive and future-proof.  


To sum up, the Salesforce Customer 360 powered by Alibaba Cloud partnership is a huge transformational opportunity for businesses seeking to thrive in the Chinese market. With Valtech's expert guidance and the support of our comprehensive playbook, you can join us with confidence, knowing that you have the best resources at your disposal.  


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