Valtech_RADON Webinar

The race for infinite intelligence

– Will AI build stronger brands than humans can?

Event Date: September 15, 2022
04:30PM - 05:30PM CET

Machine intelligence is the last invention humanity will ever need to make.

In recent years, we’ve witnessed the exponential growth of AI. From a Google engineer claiming an AI chatbot has feelings (and getting fired for it) to the current surge of text-to-image AI generators, we’re in what many researchers call “a golden decade” of AI progress. But how can we benefit from AI in the creative industry? And what are the odds of AI eventually replacing the role of CMO?

We shed some light on this intriguing topic in an hour-long live session, our in-house AI experts will guide you through how AI tech can make creative work more effective, evidence-based – and fun.



  • Karla-Therese Kjellvander - Senior Creative Strategist, Valtech RADON

  • Petter Rudwall - Creative Director, Valtech RADON

  • Edin Agovic - Head of Craft, Valtech RADON