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Event Date: June 16, 2021
11:15AM - 07:15PM GMT (UTC+0)
Webinar: Watch on demand

Join our breakout session at Modern Commerce Day 2021 where you can ask our experts all of your MACH related questions.

With so much discussion about the benefits of MACH (microservices, API-first, cloud-native and headless) technologies, it might be easy to assume that everyone is following the same route to modern architectures. Whilst many are indeed seeing the transformative power of this new commerce trend, many others are just starting out on the journey.  

Is MACH right for your business? Do you need advice on how to make the transition to this new way of working? How do you make sure that you get the most value from your tech decisions in the coming years?  

Ask the expert yourself at our breakout session “Is MACH right for you? Ask our Experts!” at Modern Commerce Day, Wednesday 16th June 2021.  


Pascal Lagarde, Valtech’s SVP Commerce, and Dirk Hoerig, Commercetools Founder and CEO will be answering all of your MACH related questions at an exclusive virtual breakout session at 13.45 GMT during Modern Commerce Day 2021. You will also hear from other peers during this session who are most likely facing similar challenges to you. There are only 30 limited spaces available for the breakout session so be sure to register to secure your place and to ensure your questions get answered!  

Pascal will also be featuring as a panelist at the ‘Digital Transformation at the speed of MACH’ discussion taking place earlier in the day. 

Meet Pascal Lagarde 

As Valtech’s SVP of Commerce, Pascal works alongside global brands to help them reach their online ambitions. With more than 20 years' experience working across the digital and ecommerce spectrum, he has been influential in helping some of the world's best-known companies to transform their businesses across both the B2B and B2C space.  

 A regular industry speaker and podcast interviewee, Pascal is also an executive board member of the MACH Alliance, a non-profit organisation founded by Commercetools, Contentstack, Valtech and EPAM to educate and advocate the use of composable architectures based on MACH solutions for modern enterprises.

What is Modern Commerce Day?  

Join the Modern Commerce Movement!  

Modern Commerce Day is where 500 ecommerce innovators and visionaries come together to move the global commerce economy forward. Once a year, retailers, manufacturers and brands are brought together with practitioners, thought leaders, industry analysts, advisors and best-of-breed solution providers to discuss next generation commerce. This year’s event is virtual, so you’ll have exclusive access to nearly 20 hours of content plus networking sessions with your peers - without having to leave your home or office.  

Who attends Modern Commerce Day?  

Anyone responsible for moving digital commerce into the future in their organisation attends Modern Commerce Day. Front line practitioners including VPs of eCommerce, and heads of IT and Architecture, C-level executives including CIOs, CDOs and CMOs, strategists and those planning the future direction of their business attend the event. They come to learn, collaborate and meet peers who are adopting Modern Commerce. Modern Commerce Day is aimed at Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies with mature digital organizations and/or burgeoning online business models across a broad spectrum of vertical markets from Automotive to Retail, Fashion to Food, Healthcare to Manufacturing and nearly everything in between.  

Why attend? 

The Modern Commerce Day agenda was thoughtfully designed to appeal to a variety of attendees both those more technical and those with a business focus. Presenters and panellists will share first hand experiences with moving from 1st and 2nd generation ecommerce platforms to modern composable architectures and the impact it is having on the business, and the organisation.  

Attend Modern Commerce Day to:  

  • Hear how ecommerce visionaries helped their organisations cross the Commerce Possibilities Chasm and driove the Modern Commerce mindset within their organisation  
  • Learn about the alternatives to ecommerce replatforming.  
  • Understand the metrics and KPIs associated with Modern Commerce  
  • Hear how brands uncovered the keys within their own organisations to make the impossible, possible  

Valtech’s commerce offering 

At Valtech, we help customers to select the right platform for their needs. That includes commerce consulting where we deliver consulting services rooted in deep industry and technology know-how alongside an integrated way of working. We deliver Proof of Concepts (POC), help transition clients to MACH architecture, build commerce platforms, and run commerce opportunities. And even that’s not an exhaustive list of our commerce offerings.  

Compared with other providers we evaluated, Valtech shows strength in commerce strategy services and experience implementation... Valtech is a good fit for companies, particularly in Europe in consumer markets, needing an agile, full-service commerce partner with a willingness to use novel, outcome-based engagement models. 

 Forrester | The Forrester Wave™: Commerce Services, Q1 2021