Opticon 2023

Date: October 10, 2023
08:00PM EST (UTC-5)

Explore the captivating synergy of art and science, unlocking its potential to elevate digital experiences. Embark on a journey with us at Opticon, where creativity meets technology and innovation knows no bounds! We'll be at all three stops: San Diego, London & Stockholm. First up...San Diego!

Refining digital excellence: When art meets science

We are thrilled to announce that Valtech will be a prominent presence at Opticon 2023, proudly serving as a Gold sponsor for the technology event of the year.

As pioneers at the forefront of digital transformation, our mission revolves around relentless innovation and the increasing pursuit of technological excellence. Our two-decade-long partnership with Optimizely underscores our commitment to fostering the future of exceptional digital experiences.

Explore how Valtech creates innovative solutions that keep customers front-of-mind and drive engagement here.


Valtech program

Wednesday, October 11  3:45-4:30 pm

Join Janaka Fernando and Jacob Jones, OMVPs at Valtech, as they Introduce Valtech’s newly developed and dynamic Optimizely x Salesforce Connector!

Valtech's latest innovation combines both its Optimizely and Salesforce expertise to bring you an exceptional breakthrough. The Optimizely Connector for Salesforce Commerce Cloud allows current users to effortlessly access Optimizely's dynamic content management system and personalization capabilities. This presentation will showcase the connector's functionality and how it benefits SFCC clients, including major brands in CPG and Retail, with real-world examples.


Janaka Fernando
Optimizely Practice Director and OMVP
Jacob Jones
Regional Technical Director and OMVP

Let’s connect as we share insights, showcase cutting-edge solutions, and engage in meaningful discussions that promise to shape the digital landscape.
See you there!

Valtech Attendees
Charles Desjardins
EVP & MD, Valtech North America
Allison Abraham
SVP North America, Managing Director
Sarah Guérette
Director of Sales
Ashkhen Zakaryan
VP, Global Alliance Lead, Optimizely
Alain Marsolais
Optimizely Practice Director and OMVP
Lailaa Pienkos
Partner Marketing Director