Digitalization: The boost for your Customer Centricity

Digitalization: The boost for your Customer Centricity
June 03, 2020
05:00AM - 06:00AM EST
11:00AM - 12:00PM BST
11:00AM - 12:00PM CET


Mark Bregenzer, Agile Coach & LeSS Trainer at Valtech
Marc Bohnes, Product Management Director at Episerver

Webinar: Digitalization - the boost for your Customer Centricity

The changing digital landscape now more than ever gives us new opportunities to evolve, to better serve customers in a way that keeps them coming back. Making your organization a customer-centric one is paramount to ensure you can continuously reach your targets, both in customer experience KPIs as in revenue numbers. But it is easier said than done. More often than not, companies fail to change their way of working in order to move faster and work more seamlessly together. What does digital transformation really mean, and how can it be applied to your everyday business in a constructive, efficient way? And which role does Customer Centricity play in this game?

In our latest webinar, we discussed the importance of Customer Centricity when it comes to digital transformation. Our contributors were Mark Bregenzer, Agile Coach & LeSS Trainer at Valtech and Marc Bohnes, Product Management Director at Episerver.

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Watch the webinar to learn more about the importance of Customer Centricity when it comes to digital transformation. Or, alternatively, if you only have a couple of minutes, here are our top 3 take aways.
1. Digitalization gives us the power to tackle complexity 

The COVID-19 ‘track and trace’ app is a great example of where digitalization has given us the means to be able to respond to unimaginable complexity in a way that improves the human experience. As the world becomes more complex, so too do the challenges that we are faced with. Digitalization arms you with the data insights, fast feedback cycles and company cultures to respond. Think ‘COPE’ - Collective Open Process Excellence - when it comes to digitalization; create processes that are resilient to the unknown

2. Agile Transformation is just part of the Digital Transformation journey

“Every digital transformation requires an agile transformation” said Mark Bregenzer from Valtech. There’s no blueprint for this and an agile transformation can be daunting for many firms and industries, but it shouldn’t be! Without the adaptability and flexibility that being agile brings, you won’t be able to deliver true customer value. At Valtech, we ‘Transform by Doing’, which means that we start small and digestible and then scale from there. We make sure the teams own the change. When it comes to any kind of transformation, ‘transform by doing’; make sure your teams are brought into the ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ behind the changes you’re making and enable and empower them to drive that change themselves

3. Focus on Customer Centricity to unite departments

In order to add value to your customers and to take a customer centric view in everything that you do, you need to make sure that you’ve removed the barriers between the different departments in your organization, from business to IT to marketing. Have open conversations. Organisations don’t learn, but people do, and you need to embrace the collective learnings of your teams to achieve the best results for your customers. “Whether you’re in a B2B or B2C business: Understand how your customers behave, browse and buy” said Marc Bohnes at Episerver. You need to look at the data, develop customer personas and combine strategy, tactics and technology to make sure you deliver what your customers want.


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