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Event Date: September 09, 2020
11:00AM - 12:00PM CEST
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The key challenge for brands now, is to secure that the customer experiences they provide will meet the new needs and behaviors of consumers in order to retain customers and grow business. Companies should prioritize their customer experience strategy to recover faster and become more resilient. But how?

Watch this webinar with our Strategy Director Tina Dejan, Senior Strategist Pontus Persson, and Customer Experience Designer Mikkel Duckert to get prepared to answer that question.

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Only have a couple of minutes? - Grab the 3 key take-aways!

1. It's a new reality for your customers and your business

We're in the middle of an ongoing crisis that has affected most consumers and businesses in some way, and imposed changes to most aspects of our lives - not least our ways of shopping, travelling, and our focus on health. That's why, it's key to understand what happens around us and for businesses, to truly understand the impact it has on their customers. Businesses need to adapt to the new reality and align with trends, to fit in to this new landscape, changing consumer behavior, and new technologies, if they want to stay relevant in their touchpoints and overall customer experience.

2. There's a dangerous gap between CX maturity and customer expectations

What we see is that the CX maturity within B2B has lowered. Unfortunately for these businesses, we also see that customers' expectations are higher. Reinstating that you need to focus and adapt your touchpoints. Not only is it proven that it will help you outperform your competitors with a poor customer experience, 86% of buyers are also willing to pay more for a great customer experience.

3. How to bridge the gap

If you're part of a business that's facing this gap, you need to ask yourself: How mature are you, do you have enough data, do you use it, is your organization on board, do you have the right people with the right mindsets and are you agile enough?

If you need help asking the right questions and not least coming up with actionable answers, continue to read about our CX workshop.