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Event Date: November 09, 2020
08:00AM - 09:00AM PT (UTC-8)
11:00AM - 12:00PM EST (UTC-5)
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Innovation Starts with Experimentation

Humans don’t like change. Why? Because we’re programmed to like what we recognize. We favor predictability. And change is anything but predictable.

But change opens new avenues and uncovers new strengths. It sparks innovation. And the future requires innovation.

The Valtech Innovation Program is based on this philosophy: to work closely with our clients to test and scale their wildest dreams. We collaborate in this radical way because for us, it’s the only way.

Join us to experience firsthand how we built what Forbes called "The Next Step In Virtual Retail" – MAC Cosmetics NYC Concept Store, the Valtech innovation process and our newest proof of concepts. 


Greg Schwartz (VP, Innovation Marketing) our host will be joined by Jeremy Duimstra (SVP, Connected Experiences) Lindsey Harris (VP, Creative Experience) and Matthew Morey (SVP, Technology) who will discuss:

  • The innovation process from ideation to execution
  • Our recent launch with MAC Cosmetics
  • The newest proof of concepts developed by the team at Valtech