The Evolution of Food & Beverage

From order takers to trusted advisors

Growing market share with consumer centric strategies

Food & Beverage clients are shifting their operations towards consumer centric strategies, e-commerce capabilities and modern architectures. This is an industry that requires flexibility, agility and an ability to forge new kinds of relationships with clients and end-consumers.


From supply chain challenges to consumer engagement strategies, we will work with you to:

/ engage new customers in the face of shifting consumer expectations and trends

/ achieve increased productivity with faster times to market to counter the competition posed by disruptive market entrants and new product innovations

/ keep pace with the rapid growth of e-commerce in order to meet the demands of B2B and B2C consumers, across multiple channels

/ accelerate their business when faced with legacy technologies and systems that hinder flexibility and responsiveness

Why Food & Beverage clients work with Valtech

When it comes to business transformation in this space, brands rely on our experience to help them:


Engage their Consumers:

Consumer sentiment is changing. We work with brands to deliver consumer centric experiences that are simple, intuitive and focused on needs and expectations. We design and deliver new avenues of engagement, from personalised support and advice services to data-driven product info and community engagement channels. We help them to review their marketing strategies, to appeal to the right audiences, capture more insights and improve future product offerings and performance.

Simplify their Customer’s Lives:

In the face of increasing competition, companies need to be indispensable to their customers. We work with our clients to provide anywhere / anytime access with omni-channel experiences across multiple touchpoints. We focus on the power of data driven insights to improve the customer experience, transitioning businesses from order takers to advisors, improving brand sentiment and loyalty.


Enable their Business to Transform:

Companies need to change the way they do business. In some cases, they will need to change their businesses completely if they want to stay competitive. We work with clients to transform themselves from within by implementing operating models and processes that prevent silos, tackle legacy technologies and promote seamless, agile collaboration across their organisation.


It’s time to transform by doing.

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