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Get to Know The Red Sea


The Red Sea Development Company (TRSDC) was established in 2018 as a closed joint stock company wholly owned by the Public Investment Fund (PIF) of Saudi Arabia to drive the development of The Red Sea Project, a regenerative tourism destination along Saudi Arabia’s west coast.

Red Sea interface

A Digital Roadmap To Connect Industries

The Red Sea

The Red Sea Development Company commissioned Valtech for all their digital work including developing an initial touchpoint for potential visitors. The objective was to increase awareness of the development, inspire talent, attract investors and develop partnerships within the industry. This is the first stage of the digital roadmap we developed to connect the business to the tourism industry, other businesses and customers.  

Red sea interface

Boosting Conversions Through Data


  • 90+ Islands and Lagoons
  • $3.5b Giga Project
  • 50+ Online interest from over 50 countries

To speed up production, we decided on a scalable design approach that would split the project into phases. For the initial phase, we focused on creating a conversion-centric design with meticulous data tagging implementation and HTML deployment. The scalability of the design will allow for us to evolve the design in future phases as the Red Sea project develops further. Not only did we design a visually impressive site, but we also created detailed customer journeys that empowered us to design a site tailored to potential visitors, enabling easy navigation to relevant information.

“Valtech has played a huge part in building our digital foundation and planning our future digital journey.”

SANDRA FLETCHER, Associate Director, The Red Sea

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