AWS Serverless template – inline policies

Sitecore MVP & Principal Developer at Valtech
Valtech, UK

August 03, 2018

If you’ve worked with AWS Serverless templates, you’ll appreciate how quickly you can deploy a raft of infrastructure with very little template code. The only flaw I’ve found so far is the documentation is a bit tricky to find.

Say you want to attach some custom policies to your function, you can simply embed them into your template. E.g:

Screen Shot 2019-07-03 at 10.19.59 AM.png

This also shows a few other neat features:

  • Wildcards in the custom policy name, allowing it to work across multiple buckets
  • Cron triggered events
  • How to set environment variables from your template

Original article was posted on Boro2g Blog: AWS Serverless template-inline policies

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