Connecting & Getting Personal - The new wave of personalization

June 16, 2019

Data is the lens to better personalization. To fulfill consumer expectations, businesses are stocking up on analytics to create unforgettable connected experiences.

According to Frost & Sullivan by 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator. Personalization is crucial to lasting customer retention and overtime, higher ROI.

Most consumers enjoy the special treatment that personalization offers. It’s safe to say that this trend is on the rise. Sitecore’s latest whitepaper on UX4CX takes a detailed dive into personalization, revealing best practices:

  • Don’t start with multiple rules in place on a single page or component. Start with a few, on different pages. Test, learn, adjust, retest. It’s a continual cycle.
  • All personalization should be put into a test at the beginning, to make sure it’s working. Testing will split your customer segment into two, and show half the personalized content and half the default content. The results will tell you whether or not your assumptions are correct.
  • As with anything, it’s a balance – don’t annoy your customers or make them feel watched. Do your personalization carefully. Make your personalization plans relevant.

Along with these tips, over 55% of marketers use a combination of data insights and customer feedback to make decisions on how to personalize content. With these tactics, brands can evolve from hypothesis-based segmentation, tagging and scoring, onto recognition of the behaviour and patterns. In time, the individuals engaging digitally will be guided through our connected experience based on behavioural patterns versus predictions.

Read more about personalization in our whitepaper.

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