Digital Marketing in France: what are the priorities in 2015?

Business Development & Strategy Director
Valtech France
Pascal Malotti

September 24, 2015

The share of digital marketing continues to grow steadily. A focus on the lessons from the fourth edition of the Valtech / Adobe barometer.

We see a confirmation of the trend in 2015: mobile applications are one of the major preoccupations of the digital marketing department, according to the fourth edition of the Digital marketing barometer, led by Valtech and Adobe.

Thus, more than a third of respondents will devote a budget to application development in the next twelve months. Digital advertising, data marketing, brand and content management follow ... with social networks not far behind.

Another lesson from this study that aims to understand the expectations of the marketing departments and identify the areas of investment in the coming months: the share of digital marketing compared to the overall marketing budget continues to grow, and has grown by 3% between 2014 and 2015.

Digital marketing has secured the lion's share, as confirmed by Pascal Malotti, digital marketing and consulting director at Valtech: "Every year, we ask essentially the same questions. What is intriguing in this edition is the importance of digital marketing for the company. In 2015, it has become an essential part of business - it is a tangible manifestation that the digital transformation is underway."

"Mobile first", but ...

Mobile is one of the priorities of marketing. But what is its current use? 41% of respondents are engaged in responsive design, 32% have mobile applications and 27% have mobile sites.

Nevertheless, less than half of the panel opts for a specific use of mobile, for SMS campaigns, advertising or push notifications. Another observation – and not the least: 75% of respondents do not do A / B testing.

E-mailing and SMS, the main levers of acquisition

E-mailing and SMS have emerged as the main levers of acquisition and customer retention, in order to lubricate the customer’s path.

Objective: Feed the platforms of the brand’s ecosystem, especially the website and the social networks, mobile, mobile applications, and finally, the call center.

Who is investing in digital platforms?

Firstly, the marketing budget is involved at 50%. The digital budget is also involved, at 35%, followed by the IT budget at 15%. Not surprisingly, the marketing managements arbitrate their choice depending on their ability to operate an ROI, and to influence the business.

ROI leads the indicators, followed by the influence on the customer path and the return on objective. "Increasing the ROI of the digital strategies, and notably the mobile strategies, tells us about the evolution of the global marketing budgets in favour of digital" said Christophe Marée, Digital Marketing Director at Adobe.

Digital campaigns: which evaluation criteria?

Number of clicks, number of visits and the conversion rate represent the key performance indicators for more than half of the respondents. On top are the number of clicks (for 181 respondents), followed by visits (169) and conversion rate (155).

Why be data oriented?

Audience segmentation and targeting, improving customer knowledge and personalization of communication represent the winning trio of data usage.

You can find the abstract of the barometer’s presentation in a Valtech / Adobe video here.

The comprehensive and detailed results of the barometer are also available in a Valtech / Adobe presentation here.

Methodology: Twenty questions administered online to 300 respondents, marketing departments, senior management, IT and others, resulting from companies in the following sectors – service, finance, distribution, tourism, IT, telecom, luxury, administration, health and energy.