eConsultancy Top 100 Digital Agencies Report 2015

June 18, 2015

Valtech climbs 31 places with 168% growth as strategic decisions bear fruit.

We are proud to announce that in this year’s eConsultancy top 100 report, Valtech has climbed 31 places to reach 24th largest digital agency, and rises to 5th in the Design and Build category.

2014 was an incredibly successful year for Valtech, one in which we experienced nearly 3x growth. This is down to a variety of factors, not least of which is our agile project delivery methodology. Increasingly, Valtech is experiencing a change in perspective across multiple verticals, from “design me something shiny and pretty” to “engineer an experience that works for our users, build me something that works with our legacy systems, help us with data.”

This kind of momentum has carried through to this year, too, with equal success projected in to H2 2015. We continue to win new work with clients as our strategy to unify the three cornerstones of a great digital evolution continues to gain traction and resonate with an increasing number of industries.

eConsultancy publishes the top 100 list every year as an overview of the digital agency landscape. Valtech’s climb of 31 places is something we are hugely proud of. From our work in the public sector, to retail and pharmaceuticals, we continue to actually deliver things of value, rather than just come up with the concept - talking the talk and walking the walk, so to speak. This trend isn’t specific to last year, however, and our clients’ appetites for success is growing every month.

When we established our Data business unit last year, we could not have anticipated the need for a fresh approach towards data was in such demand. Our projected growth is a testament to our belief that an Agile Data approach is a great way to solve the complexity of “Big Data”. We think that businesses that approach data as large, traditional “waterfall” programmes of work will fail in what they set out to achieve. Agile revolutionised project delivery, and now “Agile Data” is enabling our clients to incrementally operationalise benefit from data fast, as opposed to spending months and years specifying, then building data platforms that expensively go nowhere.

We also continue to use data to influence the creation of industry-leading customer experiences. We provide our clients with the tools and know-how to get a 360-degree view of consumers at all times, and our ability able to integrate these responsive platforms with legacy systems is something that differentiates us.

It’s a great place to work, with people from all corners of the world working in multidisciplinary teams. What other agencies do you know that can put data scientists, user experience architects and software engineers in a room and see them produce digital brilliance? We do it, daily.

For more information on the report, head over to eConsultancy here. Or to talk to us about your Big Data problems, user experience, any platform engineering intricacies or even just to make sense of your business’s digital future see our contact page!

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