Fashion Week SS14 – A story about the buzz

October 17, 2013

Paris Fashion Week, like every year, was all on Twitter, from the 24th of September till the 2nd of October.

For our 3rd data visualisation, we have worked with Crimson Hexagon to get the whole story on the buzz.

The runways were full this year, but, as always, Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Dior gathered most of the comments.

Here are just a few numbers, facts and trivia

  • There were 259,733 mentions of the Paris Fashion Week, most of them on Twitter.
  • 1st of October was the most commented day, with 16,3% of mentions.
  • Chanel (7,82% of comments) was the most remarked brand, followed by Louis Vuitton (5,75%), Dior (4,84%), Givenchy (4,75%) and then Stella McCartney (2,25%).
  • Marc Jacobs was one of the most mentioned subjects by fashion addicts, with 25,565 comments in a short time, most of them sad and astonished.
  • Front row gathers most of the observations, with stars like Katy Perry (5,67% of comments), Kanye West & Kim Kardashian (4,84%) and Miranda Kerr (1,11%).
  • As for the models, Cara Delevingne gathers all the looks, with 2,29% of the all the comments during the Fashion week. And her Chanel backpack was one of the most noticed item (“artsy”, “awesome”, “back to school”, “colourful”, love”, “crazy”, cool”, “fresh” and “graffiti”.)
  • As for design trends, all the buzz was about the leather, metallic and floral looks, while rich and bold colours were applauded, with taxi cab yellow and flashy orange being the most quoted. However, black stayed on top of colour mentioned, with more than 39% of all the comments about the colours.

This was made possible by the amazing guys at Crimson Hexagon (Zuzanna) and the help of Pauline, Serge, Arthur and Pascal.

Image by mi chiel under CC-BY SA 2.0