International mobility at Valtech

Hr Director - Valtech FR
Valtech france
Camille Bedard

May 31, 2016

As a digital agency, Valtech strives to adapt to market developments. Internationalization being one of them, we created a model based on interactions between clients and corporate members from around the world.

Such an organization requires profiles with global transversal skills who can adapt to various situations. We believe that living a mobility experience by opening to the world is the best way to develop and built these capacities. This belief makes Valtech a different and unique agency, as is each one of its members and future talents.

We wondered what these members and talents aspired to in their professional life. We came to the conclusion that, most often, they were looking for a company that provided opportunities for personal development, where they could take up many professional challenges while expecting a decent salary. This is why both national and international mobility is a relevant managerial and HR tool to meet these expectations. What is more, as we were able to notice, mobility is meeting the growing demand emerging from both the young generation of digital professionals and more experienced corporate members.

Beyond a professional experience and a way to learn new skills, mobility is a true human adventure! Jumping into it, you will address many demanding and enriching challenges, both on a personal and a professional level, starting with learning a foreign language and getting out of your comfort zone. You will discover new cultures and be able to enhance your adapting skill and tolerance to diversity, an ever-valued quality among employers. You will develop a new view of the world, free of its borders, opening to an endless scope of possibilities…

We want to be the ones to enable you to live this experience! This is why we’d rather you were off to live new adventures in Valtech’s different offices throughout the world for a while than to join the competition.

As it happens, we have offices around the world, with a multitude of highly skilled people who are open to others and want to share their culture, their know-how and their approaches. We want to nurture this state of mind through our managerial and HR initiative, giving our talents the opportunity to grow alongside us, everywhere in the world.

Though this perspective is the dream of many, all requests are not necessarily granted the first time. Implementing a mobility project may take a few months as it may take one or two years. You will have to be patient and, above all, open to the observations and advice from your support team, for instance regarding the capacity-building of certain capacities like your English skills. We are committed to do everything in our power to lead you, guide you and train you.

We mustn’t overlook the teams and managers, who also need to be supported in order to be prepared to deal with these kinds of requests, which are often expressed during the employee’s annual interview. Managers may find themselves resourceless, as this implies implementing a new team organization while continuing to fulfil engagements towards clients.

It is crucial to involve HR departments at the operational level, since they may identify employees’ possible desires for mobility beforehand and support them in their efforts, but also help managers deal with these evolutions. We are a partner to each and every one of you. This vision, which is deeply rooted in all of our countries, makes even more sense in the context of mobility!

Whether mobility was chosen by or proposed to you, but most importantly when it is well-managed, mobility becomes a win-win situation for both you and us.

As a reflection of our agency’s values, mobility occurs naturally in our company. Proudly upheld by our management and implemented by the various stakeholders, it gives birth to a global culture and is a key indicator of the health and well-being of the company and its members.

Jean-Louis is a Senior UX Designer in Valtech’s New-York office. He has been working for the group for five years, of which he spent three in France and two in New-York. He remembers his mobility experience:

Why were you attracted by the Valtech group?

I was seduced by its international position. For a long time, I was considering going abroad to live a new adventure on the personal and the professional level. Valtech was a good compromise.

How did things go when you requested going to an office abroad?

After working a year as a functional project leader, I asked my manager and the head of HR for mobility to the US. Unfortunately, there was no specific need in the NY office at that time and my CV didn’t have distinguishing elements…

What did you do to ensure your next demand would be accepted?

I received excellent support from the French team. The head of HR suggested me to stay in France for a while to make my profile unique and more attractive. I was associated to a client project that was very well-known and important within Valtech. Following the agency’s advice, I also took advantage of this period to enhance my English skills. After more than a year the head of HR presented my application for the second time to the NY office and it was accepted!

How did your integration go?

On a personal level, it wasn’t easy. I was supported by the head of HR for the administrative formalities– as they are very different between the US and France. It also took me a while to get used to the transition between French and American-English. On a professional level, I met a couple colleagues whom I already knew and it all went very well.

If you could do it all again, would you?

Yes! I am delighted by the road I have traveled so far and proud of my investment! It was really worth it. The adventure is so enriching that I even intend to further my stay among our American counterparts and possibly consider mobility to another country afterwards.