IoT - The Next Frontier in IT

Practice Head, SMAC - IN
Valtech India

April 27, 2015

Devices will not have on-board processing, storage or computing capability. They will access Data and Processing power from the Internet (Cloud) itself…also called ‘Internet of Things’

Imagine a world where machines can communicate with each other without the slightest human involvement. An ecosystem where a machine can convey vital data to another machine to operate and solve problems. Now imagine a network of connected machines across the globe, talking to each other and solving problems for humans. Whether it is related to controlling an oil spill in the Atlantic or performing an open heart surgery in the Far East, it is all done without the need for human intervention. This would be a completely streamlined world with no boundaries, red-tape, politics or bureaucracy, where progress and improvement are the only continuous processes leading towards a perfect world!

This possibility could now become a reality. Today, more and more chip and hardware manufacturers are joining hands to establish a common communication protocol and data handshake standards. The result is a new generation of devices, equipment and machines (big and small) able to communicate with each other and share vital information at the ‘point of action’. The inherent ability of machines to solve human problems can progress a step further with the ability to ‘make decisions’ right when it is required. Solving complex problems seamlessly may involve mobilizing huge numbers of machines, computers and devices in a unified fashion This phenomenon has been coined ‘Connected Machines’ aka ‘Internet of Things (IoT)’.

Meaningful communication between machines is the principal area of focus to achieve IoT at scale. Delivering value through IoT requires complex algorithms, programs and user interfaces to support this ubiquitous network of machines. These software elements will enable human users to control, run and execute operations using machines. Hence, the Digital face of IoT is extremely important for the end users to be able to achieve their objectives and mobilize huge numbers of machines at the push of a button.

Today, we are focused on developing digital solutions for IoT to enable us to deliver extremely high-value outcomes for our clients. We are trying to solve complex industrial challenges requiring extreme precision, time-bound actions, advanced M2M communication techniques and mobilizing multiple machines while providing advanced interfaces, controls and intuitive designs for the end user. With IoT, we are committed to make life easier on this planet for all of us!

We will speak more about this subject… Stay tuned…