Marketing Tech Landscape Explosion

April 21, 2015

If you were in any doubt about the unprecedented growth of technological drivers in Marketing, perhaps this infographic will help straighten things out...

Two years ago I entered the world of marketing at Valtech, a digital agency that prides itself on being able to advise global brands on the best technology to support their marketing functions. Since then, my knowledge of different elements of technology, the roles they play in making organisations more efficient, more streamlined and simply better at marketing has grown significantly. Then, this week, I saw this:

marketing technology landscape 2015

It BLEW me away. On this image there are 1,876 companies who are all vying for marketing attention, budget and investment. One-thousand, eight-hundred and seventy-six. What a diluted, confusing and intimidating landscape this is, and it highlights a couple of things.

Marketers can no longer shy away from the technological problems they are faced with in their organisations - technology is an intrinsic part of what we do and how we find success on a daily basis. In many cases they even help us define what success in our departments looks like. Understanding and appreciating all the services that are available to us and how they best fit into our organisations is a fundamental part of our jobs.

technology is an intrinsic part of what we do

The reason I found this image is because I have just started studying for a qualification in marketing. We're studying a module in Marketing Metrics and our upcoming assignment investigates the analysis behind a marketing technology purchasing process. I was astounded to find that many of my more experienced peers didn't understand terms like CMS, DAM, CXM, PIM and didn't realise that there were products on the market that solved pain-points they openly admit cause them daily anguish. I showed a few of them this image and while shocked, they were intruiged as to the categories and range of solutions on the market.

In one year the landscape has doubled in size. In January 2014, ChiefMarTec identified 947 companies in the same infographic. In 2011, there were around 100. This is some kind of 'Moore's law' for marketing tech and frankly it's ridiculous!

What's increasingly worrying is the propensity for purchasers to pick and choose one solution for one problem, instead of investigating the potential for a single solution in cloud marketing that solves all their problems at once. You'll hear the term "marketing cloud" bandied around like another one of the answers in buzzword bullsh*t bingo, but it's a real thing that for many organisations striving to be the best brands in their industries will allow them to future proof their digital growth.

It's an education thing, really, and unless we allow marketing individuals at all levels access to the right resources we run the risk of choosing tech that supports just our departments rather than the business on a broader scale. The "battle" between I.T. and marketing should no longer be a battle, but a unification. These two distinct and headstrong groups of people need to work together to ensure that the landscape detailed above doesn't work against them, and that your organisation is choosing a solution than can work with all elements of the organisation, with Marketing at its core.

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