No, Tim, Apps have been the future of TV for around a DECADE

Global Head of Media

September 12, 2015

I don’t want this to seem like a rant, or sound like I hold anything against Tim Cook and the Apple squad for being good at what they do, but it’s important to recognise that sometimes, the things Apple are “inventing” are merely rebrands of existing technologies that people have been doing REALLY WELL in many different industries for years.

As we sit here at IBC media talking to clients who are experiencing difficulties ranging from cost of development to which channels to focus on, a consistent theme is the existence of apps for TV.

What Apple have done is taken an existing technology and retrospectively declared it a Beta.

What Apple have done, as with so many of their software and hardware releases over the last decade, is taken an existing technology and retrospectively declared it a Beta. It happened with tablet tech (remember those Archos media tablets), it happened with smartphone tech and now it’s happening with television.

Except for one thing. There are some amazing quality TV/media applications that already exist – these are not Beta quality! Frameworks like our own Ready4Air toolkit have been doing it for over 10 years, enabling brands to make the most of rapid advances in hardware through software brilliance.

Here’s the twist. With the release of Apple TV V4.0, yet another device with application capability is released into the wild. Not to mention Android TV, the success of which will probably hinge on the general public’s consensus on Apple TV as people look for a non-apple competitor. Android TV has the support of large consumer electronics manufacturers such as Sony and LG, a highly competitive set of relationships to have.

So now, there are hundreds if not thousands of devices, ranging from $50 to $000’s, with different capabilities and target demographics that are all tasked with doing one thing really well: providing us the viewers with whatever content we want, whenever we want it.

As a result, brands have to develop code for so many different ecosystems, to which Apple have just added one, and the cost base for doing so is extortionate. Different teams, different code, different nuances of device. It could all be so overwhelming… if it wasn’t for You.i.

Develop once. Deploy across every device. We’re proud to be a partner of You.i, a company that has turned the development process on it’s head, writing code in GPL, bypassing the variable and diffuse ecosystems of a multi-device landscapes. It’s radical stuff.

To learn more about how Valtech and You.i can make this new App-ddition (see what I did there?!) to the media consumption landscape seem like nothing more than a PR success story, get in touch.