Orchestrating true customer centric experiences – are you there yet?

Marketing Manager
Valtech Denmark
Maria Brunckhorst Schmidt

September 15, 2016

Well, my guess is that you are probably not. Or maybe you think you are but forgot to ask your customers if they actually agree…!? According to a research conducted by Bain & Company, 80% of the companies they surveyed believe they deliver a superior experience to their customers. But when asking the same customers, it turns out that only 8% of these companies were really delivering on that.

Maybe you are already working with your omni-channel strategy, otherwise now is the time to get started. Really, there are no reasons not to: According to Forrester Research and Econsultancy customer experience leaders outperform the market and these customer-centric companies are 60% more profitable compared to companies who don’t focus on the customers.

“Customer –centric: A system of 
shared values and behaviours that
focus employees on delivering a
great customer experience.”
-Forrester Research

And once again, if you ask the customers, 86% would pay more if they were guaranteed superior service (Harris Interactive). Not only would they pay more, they would also be more loyal: According to an IDC study, shoppers who can convert on any channel have a 30% higher lifetime value than those who shop using only one channel.

Pretty good arguments to why you should orchestrate everything you do around your customers, if you ask me.

Moving towards omni-channel maturity

Admitted, achieving true customer centricity is no easy task and often a journey much longer than anticipated. This is probably the reason why for most marketers it is an aspirational goal rather than the reality. So, where to start to become a true customer centric organization? I often hear organizations talk about omni-channel marketing, but I think you should forget about the marketing part and focus on the core business strategy and customer experience through all touchpoints in the organization. Therefore, I believe one of the most important requirements towards omni-channel maturity is a cultural transformation within your organization. The organization must furthermore understand its customers’ behaviours and attitudes and align deep customer insights with communications and operational processes.

To help companies understand their current omni-channel maturity and the next steps towards true customer centricity, we have partnered with Business Networked Initiative as part of a collaborative program focused on helping companies turn customer centricity into business benefits.

Together with the author of the book “Make it all about me, and I’ll buy it” the Initiative has developed an independent omni-channel maturity assessment tool to help you map, measure and benchmark (only against Danish companies at the moment) your omni-channel capability across 6 master disciplines:

  • Customer Recognition & Permissions
  • Data Collection
  • Data Discovery
  • Communication & Service
  • Performance Analysis
  • Organizing & Management

Unravelling how close, you are to executing a streamlined, customer-centric experience. The Omni-channel dashboard helps you gain insight into your current strengths and where you have unexploited omni-channel potential.

Take the test for free here.