Shopping. Stress levels... Rising

October 29, 2015

The stress food chain: Physical shopping is more stressful than Online Shopping which is less stressful than Mobile Shopping

Shopping is stressful.

Take me and my girlfriend, for example. “Let’s go shopping, dear!” She says. “We can have a look for a new jumper for you, it’s nearly winter!” She says.

I have roughly 4565 jumpers already. If I own any more, I’ll have to look like Joey from Friends to wear some of them even once in my lifetime. I don’t need any more jumpers, so I tell her this and we compromise and go shopping for a jumper.

Except shopping for a new jumper for me to wear is a ruse. It’s always a ruse. What my lovely other half wants is to spend ten minutes telling me I “look GREAT in that” and the next seven hours asking me if she looks great in one top tried on in seventeen different shades of blue. “It’s BLUE, it’s the SAME blue as the last four, I don’t understand!” I cry. I'm in a department store. No-one can hear your screams in department stores

"Hahahaha darling that's not blue that's teal hahaha."

Anyway, my point is this: actually going shopping is stressful. A recent report by and Adobe declared:

Other factors boosting the desire to shop online are that it is seen as less stressful than traditional shopping, although shopping via mobile is seen as more stressful than using a desktop, laptop or tablet.

People want to shop online, people want to be spending their time and their money more efficiently, and they want to be spending it with their favourite brands, but the data suggests they are less likely to spend money with you and less likely to spend money at all on mobile if the experience is... well… dross.

There seems to be a constant distraction with the questions: “Should we build a native app or should we make a responsive website” and it’s not the point. Your website comes first, your website should present a seamless and stress-free experience, because the chances are if you’re shopping online you’re shopping on your own and when I go shopping on my own it lasts about half an hour because I buy the underpants I need and not a jumper I don’t.

My experience in store by myself is thirteen times more efficient than with my girlfriend, so when I’m on my phone and don’t really want to download an app I shouldn’t be hindered in my purchasing process by a terrible UI. I shouldn’t be shouting at my phone “WHY WON’T THIS MENU DISAPPEAR!” I should be calm, excited, even, for the arrival of my new underpants.

Retailers: know your consumers. Love your consumers. Don’t make the mobile experience a poor one, and for goodness sake put comfortable chairs outside ladies changing rooms.