Some cars are smarter than others

Managing Director Valtech Germany
Andreas Peters

May 22, 2017

It's not about connecting the car to the internet. It's about making the car a natural part of it.

For everyone involved in the automotive industry, the connected car has huge potential and embodies an immense field of technological and disruptive innovation. The latest trends and advances in technology require automakers to work tirelessly on their connectivity strategies. They are adapting their offers to the demands of their customers who now want to be constantly connected, both with and in their vehicles, as an integral part of their lifestyle.

New technologies, new expectations, new business models.

New technology offers significant opportunities for auto makers to develop and diversify their business models. It could potentially transform the interactions between the manufacturer and the consumer on the customer journey, creating further opportunities to build relationships. The economic success of online services depends on the depth of the proposed solutions, the opening of eco-systems and, of course, the user experience. This requires a clever and agile partner who is capable of embracing new trends, new technologies and combining them to achieve a superior user experience.


Valtech: key partner in the digital development of connected cars

In a world where mobility is constantly evolving, Valtech Digital Automotive is defined as a key partner in the digital development of connected cars. Valtech sees itself as a long-term partner for the builders - those who do not reduce mobility and connectivity to a simple online channel in vehicles. We love the challenge of fully designing and integrating telematics solutions from ideation to production.

The design and integration of new services is a fundamental part of our core competencies. As a digital agency, our day job is to analyze the capability of a system in meeting consumer expectations and refining options using a Service Design approach.
It has already been 15 years since Valtech helped develop the rst online services for the BMW Connected Drive system. Now, e-mobility, infotainment and telematics systems are part of our core skills and allow automakers to prepare for the future.


This year at TU Detroit we presented "The Holy Grail: Monetizable Connected Vehicles".

We also showcased the latest simulations in Augmented Reality/HUD, Functions On Demand and Gesture Control.

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