Thoughts on Adobe EMEA Summit in the Experience Era

Senior VP, General Manager - Valtech Chicago
Joshua Young

May 25, 2016

It is Summit and Symposium season for Adobe, and Valtech has been busy sponsoring and attending all of them. We recently wrapped up the Adobe Digital Marketing Summit in London from May 11-12, 2016.

The London event was well run and attended by Adobe, partners, current Adobe users, and prospective clients. It featured keynotes from Adobe’s President and CEO Shantanu Narayen, GM of Digital Marketing Brad Rencher, and even Golden Globe winning actor Collin Farrell.

Once again, Adobe proves they know how to throw an event. But lets focus on the content rather than the show.

Customer Experience is where Adobe wants to monopolize the market. Adobe already controls the entire creative process from inception to final approval through their Creative Cloud Suite. While the experience gets built using Adobe’s creative tools, they now plan for the Marketing tools to handle final delivery to consumers. With technical integrations already in place, it’s time for organizational integrations to occur through process improvements blending creative and content teams together through governance and workflows.

We are currently living in the experience era. Businesses need to transform to be experience led. Let customer experience drive product backlogs and business decisions. Managing content is integral to this. With the rapidly changing needs for multiple layers of content due to personalization and customer segmentation business rules, workflows and governance are required to manage today’s velocity of content creation. Digital disruption needs to be embraced rather than feared. Making digital first in a digital enabled world will ensure great experiences driven by great content.

Valtech has utilized customer persona and journey analysis as a key tool for uncovering customer experience priorities. When working in the travel and hospitality vertical, customers travel on a literal journey, making it even easier to map to initiatives for better customer experiences and engagement.

Ellen Lee - SVP of Global Digital at Hyatt Hotels joined me on stage for a breakout session at the Summit in London. The presentation walked through Valtech’s perspective on the customer journey, how the journey looks in travel and hospitality, and then how Adobe’s Marketing Cloud Suite addresses the journey. Ellen discussed Hyatt as a organization and their product development process while also walking through specific projects Valtech and Hyatt have delivered together.

As expected, the event was top notch and a chance to learn more about the Adobe product roadmap and how they are tackling needs in the new digital disruption economy. Experience Led Business is the key and fully aligns with Valtech’s ability to deliver a sound digital transformation strategy while also integrating Adobe to match business needs.

Next stop Adobe Symposiums in Sydney and Singapore – July 26 and July 28!!

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