Top 3 Features To Maximize Business Impact Using Google Analytics

Digital Consultant

June 16, 2014

Valtech Denmark attends the 2014 Google Analytics Partner Summit.

This past week, I was fortunate to represent Valtech Denmark at the 2014 Google Analytics Partner Summit. Our Certified Partner status gives us access to this annual event where Google presents new features as well as new approaches to help maximise business impact using Google Analytics.

There were numerous announcements, but three common threads were obvious

  1. Data Integration
  2. APIs
  3. Mobile

So what do these topics mean for business?

Data Integration

Data Integration was the prominent theme from several angles. From the vast amount of data being collected and analysed, it is apparent that data needs to be integrated and consolidated. Google has addressed this with features such as offline data upload, marketing attribution reporting and a revamped ecommerce interface. It also sees greater access to existing and new APIs as fundamental to meeting the needs of its users

Integration of data benefits our customers by enabling them to use new insights to help execute their marketing efforts. These insights are extremely valuable to our client’s businesses as marketing is often spread across numerous channels, with many of them being offline. With the ability to upload, for example, TV and radio ratings and match that alongside your web traffic, the marketing mix can be better optimised.

Similarly, attribution is an approach to marketing where customer touch points that do not result in a direct sale are attributed credit towards the final sale. This enables marketers to understand, for example, how their social media campaign affected sales even if it was not the last touch point but did play a part in the purchase consideration. With enhanced reporting in this area, we can help our clients understand the customer journey better than ever.


With the growth in the use of APIs tied to Google Analytics to automate the platform, Google sees greater access to existing and new APIs as fundamental to meeting the needs of its users. This is especially relevant to power users, such as agencies like us, who require greater customisation and automation to maximize value for our clients. With the greater flexibility provided by APIs, we will be able to provide customised and integrated analytics reporting within all our solutions.


A trend that is not new anymore, especially to Google, but again they identified this as an area where they need to do more for their users. Our clients will benefit from the ability to track apps in a much more rich way than previously, delivering more insightful reporting related to mobile, particularly in ecommerce.