What to expect from Adobe Summit 2016 in the Sin City?

Adobe Practice Lead, Canada
Alberto Vazquez

March 16, 2016

Visualize this: marketers from the top companies, agile team leaders, business visionaries, a fair share of product showcases around Adobe Marketing Cloud and Weezer. Next week the Adobe Summit, one of the top digital marketing conferences, is taking place in Las Vegas. While it is a drastic change from its perennial venue in Salt Lake City, the Sin City promises to be on a completely different scale.

From the last couple editions, the message has been clear and consistent: marketing is transforming itself and so is the customer journey. EXPERIENCE is the brand and EXPERIENCE is consumers: It’s all about how marketing is being disrupted and how marketers should change their perspective to enable this experience. From the products itself to the channels used to go to market, marketing and user experience needs to be considered all along the value cycle. Marketers have the challenge to elevate the consumer experience, they need to work together with technical and product development teams to ensure that this experience is consistent with the brand ethos.

This year I don’t foresee a drastic change in this conversation. I think the message about reinvention will still be strong and valid. I am sure with new stories to move us and inspire us. I feel that there will be a stronger conversation about having the convergence of technologies to really support omni-channel seamless experiences.

A good sign of this is the recent announcement [] of Adobe Experience Manager Mobile, the next evolution of Adobe’s Mobile product line. AEM Mobile consolidates past products and technologies like Adobe Digital Publishing Solution, AEM, and Analytics; an integration that was half-way there with the previous AEM 6.1 release but still was generating a lot of confusion as a good portion of each product’s feature set overlapped with one another. Well, now it’s promised to be seamless - something that we’re testing with a small proof of concept that we’ll be showing in our booth with our interactive connected glass.

Another interesting point from this new product offering is the integration with the Apache Cordoba framework which will allow the extension of the previous PhoneGap framework to be compatible with multiple other components. This is great since now with AEM Mobile not only we will be able to manage all apps - native and hybrid alike - but now we’ll have access to external services via standardized web API’s. It’s now possible to access content from any CRM, CMS, Product database, ERP, or any external system with an API.

Needless to say I’m very excited. I’m sure it will be a great year, especially since the Canadian branch of Valtech will be presenting a session with Bombardier, a worldwide leader in manufacturing aircrafts, on Monday, March 21st at the Adobe Experience Manager Community Event! So if you’re attending Summit this year, don’t be shy, feel free to contact me and say hi!