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MACHathon 2021

Day 4: Halftime! See how the projects are going.

January 27, 2021

Time to get in a breather and see if everything is headed in the right direction.

Team Social Local has been in full development-mode. They worked on connecting user data from commercetools with Algolia search data to bring those together on their map.

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HTML, CSS and Vue-components have been styled in order for the solution to look as close as possible to the pretty prototype design we showed you in our last article. Also, the team hast started to prepare their final video entry for the MACHathon jury to judge at the end of the week.

The team is in really good spirits, figuring out new MACH technology, overcoming hurdles and discussing outcomes all with keeping the deadline in mind.

Team Giraffe, following a very productive evening, in the meantime has given their creation a name: the Teachernator.

giraffe_2701.jpgSome of the components outlined in their visual prototype have already been created and the content is now imported into Contentful. Oh, and a small little detail came up in one of the meetings: they will have to create a logo. We can’t wait to show you the final look on that one.
Besides the logo, Team Giraffe will be focusing on detailing their “Product Story” and their “Elevator Pitch” for their final presentation video, connecting commercetools to an external virtual whiteboard solution as well as finishing off the final components they will be needing for a working prototype.

Yet again we are truly impressed at how fast everything is progressing. Follow our continued coverage to find out how the finishing touches will improve the prototypes in the last remaining days.

View the Kick-off of the first ever MACHathon by Pascal Lagarde, MACH Alliance Executive Board Member, and Roberto Carrera, MACH Alliance Technology Council Member.

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