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Dear Friends,

We have all watched the unfolding horrors of the war in Ukraine with unimaginable sadness.

Alongside the widescale destruction of the country, at Valtech we are also acutely aware of the direct impact this war has had on our many friends and colleagues, and their families, in cities across Ukraine, and beyond.

 Personally, I have been greatly moved by the response of our teams and colleagues across the world, who have come together in a show of solidarity and support. Never before has our One Valtech message been so important.

Over the last few months we have been working with our teams in Ukraine to deliver support in any way that we can, and by any means possible. From money to equipment, our priority has always been to keep our people safe. As the war continues to wreak devastation, we want to do more to help.

In launching the One Fund for Relief, we are taking an additional step towards supporting all those who have found their lives turned upside down. 

 These donations will enable us to direct funds to where they are most needed, to the Ukrainian people, their families and the cities in which they continue to live.


With my best wishes,


Olivier Padiou

CEO, Valtech


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The purpose of the Organization is to provide financial aid to organizations doing charitable work in Ukraine, and to provide financial aid directly to technology workers (as well as their families and friends) from Ukraine that were or are distressed and/or displaced by the Russian invasion.  The Organization will provide financial aid to the Rotary Club of Ukraine, UNICEF, and USAID, and to individuals and families in need for the purposes of funding education, foreign language learning, and relocation and housing assistance.

One Fund For Relief Inc. is a Florida nonprofit corporation in the process of applying for 501(c)(3) status. While casual donors may be willing to accept the risk that their donation may not be deductible, most grant-makers and major donors will not.


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