composable storefront accelerator

Accelerating your composable commerce

Valtech launches a composable commerce storefront accelerator in partnership with Salesforce and Contentstack to help launch digital experiences

As digital commerce evolves, we’ve seen a templated approach emerge to building the front end of commerce platforms. This leads to an inability for brands to differentiate from, or even fully compete against the competition. Composable commerce is the answer to this problem, but the complexity of launching headless commerce can be daunting. To help you stand out in this sea of sameness, Valtech is combining with Salesforce and Contentstack to help you reduce the risk and cost associated with delivering the digital experiences your customers expect faster and easier than ever. 





As a long-time Salesforce Commerce Cloud implementation partner and leader in composable commerce, we are happy to have Valtech as an official Composable Storefront partner. It's great to see them joining up forces with one of the pioneers in the headless CMS space, Contentstack, to increase speed to value and agility for our customers with this new Accelerator. 

Igor Faletski
VP Product Commerce Cloud at Salesforce


Introducing Valtech’s Salesforce Composable Commerce Accelerator 

Valtech, a Salesforce Summit Partner, has over 12 years of experience working on countless implementations and earning the trust of brands like L’Oréal for our commerce expertise. 

We’re also leaders in the space of Composable Commerce. As a founding member of the MACH Alliance, we’ve been leading the way into headless commerce for years, and we’re excited to combine and elevate these two areas of expertise through the creation of our Composable Commerce Accelerator. 

The Salesforce Storefront gives brands a fast and flexible storefront to unlock agility and create custom experiences on any device. Our Accelerator program gives us the ability to build unique digital experiences faster by standardizing the universal building blocks of the back end during implementation. Meaning you get the benefits of a new composable storefront in a fraction of the time. Because the back end of the storefront comes pre-built, our experts have more time to create a unique front end and focus on building standout digital experiences. Creating a fully operational and customized storefront solution in a fraction of the time at a fraction of the cost.  





As one of the leaders in Composable Commerce, we see how important it is for our customers faced with increased competition and constantly changing customer expectations, to invest in a solution that gives them flexibility while delivering trust and scaling with ease. With our new Composable Accelerator, we make it easier and faster to build great commerce experiences leveraging the Composable Storefront solution. 

Nick Botter
VP Strategy and Innovation at Valtech


Composable Commerce Cloud and Contentstack 

For the creation of this new Accelerator, we chose Contentstack as our first preferred implementation partner. Contentstack’s focus has long been on making going composable easier with leading technology, expertise and support designed to accelerate the adoption of composable digital experience architectures at any scale. With a shared focus on headless commerce, this combination of Valtech, Salesforce and Contentstack is a match perfectly suited to meet your ecommerce storefront needs. 





We’re excited about the Valtech Composable Accelerator combining Salesforce’s industry-leading Commerce Cloud with Contentstack’s pioneering headless CMS and automation technologies to drive greater outcomes globally 

Nishant Patel
Founder and CTO at Contentstack


View our demo video to see the Accelerator in action