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How Valtech makes B2B ordering easy on the Salesforce platform

Customer expectations drive commerce. This is as true within B2B as it is anywhere else given that the buyers in B2B bring their expectations as customers into their buying habits at work. Salesforce Commerce Cloud makes B2B commerce easy by empowering customers with similar, consumer-like shopping experiences they expect.  

These expectations from customers come with certain hardships for B2B brands looking to keep up. Companies want to grow, but face shortages of personnel with the proper skills, or budgets too small to allow for the desired growth.

Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud added to a company’s CRM is a tool that helps combat some of those hardships while accelerating your online sales and opening up time for your account managers to focus their efforts on building relationships with your clients rather than on inputting orders. 

Valtech knows Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Valtech is a Summit Salesforce Consulting Partner with a long history of delivering solutions with the full customer 360 platform. We also have a long and proven history of working with B2B clients to enact their digitization goals. Our customers in multiple different verticals have given us insights into unique challenges facing these types of companies while our work with B2C companies informs our understanding of the way all customers shop.   

  • Provide a simple, self-guided purchasing system.

    • Give your customers the same effortless, consumer-oriented shopping experience they’re used to in their personal lives.

  • Address B2B-specific ecommerce challenges.

    • Rapid reordering, hierarchical account management, contracted pricing and more at your fingers.

  • Enhance run-of-the-mill B2B operations.

    • Restocking physical retail store inventory, facilitating online ordering of replacement parts, or fulfilling the demands of your distribution or wholesale associates are all covered within Salesforce.

  • Empower your sales team.

    • Remove manual tasks while providing sales teams with time and the data needed for truly personal interactions with customers.

  • Accelerate your time to market.

    • With Valtech as your partner, implementation takes weeks, not years.

If your B2B business is ready to see what Salesforce has to offer, contact us today!

Valtech’s customer-first focus benefits your employees

With the customer-first focus of Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Valtech can simplify online ordering with unique B2B features designed to improve overall customer experience. Your clients will enjoy account hierarchies, fast reorders, custom catalogs, contract pricing and more. But Salesforce is about more than giving your customers a familiar buying experience, it also helps teams internally.  


In addition to giving customers a familiar experience, Salesforce B2B Commerce makes the process of having and keeping an ecommerce site updated easy. Stock shelves, enable online ordering and meet the needs of your distribution or wholesale partners all from the Salesforce CRM. Empower your sales teams to win business by eliminating manual tasks while giving them the kind of data necessary to bring more personalization to relationships with established and new customers.  


With Valtech as your implementation expert, you get a Summit Salesforce Consulting Partner with years of experience helping clients create solutions and take them to market in weeks, not years, and help your partners grow along with you by creating branded sites and digital portals you can launch quickly.  

The importance of the Cloud

Migrating to the Cloud has been an important step in digital maturity, but some B2B companies have been hesitant to make the change. If your business is ready to make the jump into full digital maturity, or to update your current digital offering to contemporary and future-proof standards, moving from an on-site legacy setup to the cloud must be seriously considered. By using a cloud-based, unified Salesforce solution, your data can be systematically organized, enhancing and personalizing your customers' experiences while also strengthening your business value proposition.  


Cloud-based digital solutions offer several benefits that make them ideal for B2B commerce, including: 

  • Scalability: Easily scale up or down to accommodate the changing needs of a B2B business. 

  • Flexibility: Access from anywhere, making it easy for B2B businesses to collaborate with partners and customers around the world. 

  • Cost-effectiveness: Less upfront investment and lower ongoing maintenance costs compared to on-premises solutions. 

  • Reliability: More reliable and secure than on-premises solutions due to built-in backup and disaster recovery options. 

  • Customization: To optimize client satisfaction, we offer customized product assortments, pricing, and recommendations tailored to each customer's needs.


A Salesforce ecommerce experience for all industries

The Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud is the backbone of ecommerce solutions for companies spanning industries. Whether you’re looking to sell automotive parts to an OEM, pharmaceutical supplies to a healthcare provider, FMCGs to a wholesaler or anything in between, Salesforce ecommerce has the tools needed to deliver B2B solutions quickly, and with a high ROI.  

Every industry requires unique B2B commerce solutions to cater to its specific needs and characteristics. 

  • Manufacturing: Simplify the ordering process, implement account-based pricing, and facilitate split shipments—all from a single, integrated platform. 

  • Purchasing experience for consumer goods: Optimize your route to market by managing all of your sales channels on one platform. Making the life of your retail sales teams easier. Manage inventory levels in physical retail stores and offer intelligent digital interfaces to support contracted pricing, and tailored product catalogs. 

  • Software-as-a-service (SaaS) market: Boost subscription sales, automate renewal processes, and initiate recurring revenue streams while minimizing expenses. 

  • B2B2C customer experiences: Offer an integrated, personalized online shopping experience across all touchpoints in the value chain, spanning from manufacturing and distribution to the end consumer.

Given that the Salesforce CRM fits company needs across industries, every B2B company should consider switching, and with Valtech as a partner, deciding to migrate to Salesforce Commerce Cloud is simple.

Some benefits of B2B Commerce Cloud

Companies making use of Salesforce B2B ecommerce enjoy the following: 

  • Customer-specific assortments, pricing and recommendations to maximize client satisfaction. 

  • Customers ordering directly from personalized history for a quick-and-easy ordering process. 

  • Multi-channel and multi-store options tracked with onesingle platform. 

  • Global growth at their fingertips through fully supported international payments (i.e., currency adjustments and local compliance regulations easily incorporated). 

  • A Salesforce-based cloud constellation including clever APIs and OCI connections, and the possibility to expand and integrate more business units. 

These are just some of the benefits of switching to Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud. To learn more about making the transition, contact us today! 

What is salesforce b2b commerce?

Salesforce Commerce Cloud B2B is a cloud-based ecommerce platform designed specifically for B2B (business-to-business) companies to sell their products or services online. It offers a range of features that cater to the unique needs of B2B businesses, including streamlined ordering processes, account-based pricing, custom catalogs, and multiple shipment options.

The platform helps businesses modernize their sales channels and offers a personalized, intuitive online shopping experience for their customers, which can ultimately increase sales and customer satisfaction. Salesforce Commerce Cloud B2B also integrates with other Salesforce products, such as the Sales and Service Cloud, to offer a unified customer experience across all channels. 

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