Customer Responsive Platforms

Proactive client platforms to enable seamless multi-channel marketing

In order to successfully engage with digital consumers, marketers must ensure that appropriate content appears on all devices and existing platforms. It has become increasingly complex to understand the fragmented technological landscape in its entirety. However, it’s imperative that marketers take this diversity into account. This is the nightmare of marketing! How to find ways of working around technological constraints to make content accessible everywhere on mobile, the web, in-store, on social networks and other online communities.

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Valtech has used these platforms amongst others to develop powerful implementations of multi-channel marketing; centralising brands’ digital identities, product information and assets as consumer data. We call this solution a "Customer Responsive Platform" and it contains the essential building blocks of Digital Asset Management (DAM), Product Information Management (PIM) and Web Content Management (WCM).

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The combination of these components facilitates the management of multi-channel and international marketing campaigns. Since these blocks are effectively interconnected with a unique product and content view across the solution, it is easy to offer relevant content to consumers at all touch-points with the brand, which adds more value to their experience.

Moreover, these platforms manage content so that it is usable on all kinds of devices and will automatically adapt the content for the targeted device or environment. As such, these platforms dramatically reduce the risk of damaging multi-channel brand consistency. Since content, assets, and data are all centralised with one access point and one interface, marketers can ensure that all creative elements are used in the right channel, at the right time and with the right message.

Consequently, as the process for effectively addressing consumer behaviour is industrialised, marketers can devote more of their attention to creativity, strategy, and real-time reactivitiy; activities that truly add value, increase marketing ROI, and follow Service Design methods.

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