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Strategic investments for 2024

As you continue to shape and refine your plans and budgets for 2024, take stock and access the latest guidance from our experts on the key trends set to define the coming 12 months.

Side step the buzzwords and receive actionable advice on how to make the most of your investments in the new year. From understanding the impact AI can really have on your business in 2024, to getting to grips with whether a composable approach makes sense for you, access the latest from our global experts.



What you can expect

The need for experience innovation

Our expectations of how we interact with the world around us have reached new heights. What used to be the best, is now available as best practice. So how do you leap ahead of the competition when everyone has reached a level of parity? Today, businesses and brands need to activate every level of the enterprise to deliver experiences that leap beyond the best.

AI - End of the world or bright future?

More than any other technology, Generative AI will touch every industry. With the increased popularity of AI for the masses, we have seen agencies and holding companies announcing new tools that they will “sell” to their clients. But that’s not always what’s most needed… How can you unlock the true value of your data?

Make the leap with composable

Brands and businesses today are being challenged to drive profitable, sustained growth in an economy of proliferating complexity. To have any meaningful impact they are starting to prioritize flexibility, agility and speed to innovation in business areas not seen before. From employee experience to supply chain, customer service to commercial excellence, brands are looking at how a composable approach in new areas can enable them to leap ahead.

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