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As customer behavior and global regulations continue to evolve, automotive brands find themselves needing to exist at the intersection of customer expectations and government regulations. Understanding how to successfully navigate these issues can mean the difference between continued success and the failure of your brand.  

With over 25 years of experience in the mobility industry, we help OEMs worldwide to innovate their customer experience. We do this through our end-to-end mobility offering, covering everything from the integration of in-car tech to the development of new customer experiences both in and outside of the vehicle, to facilitating new ownership and D2C delivery models mobility customers.  

In-car tech integrations and the IoT

At Valtech, Mobility is about so much more than software engineering, digital innovation and world-class strategy expertise. Across the globe, our engineers work to conceptualize, design and properly integrate in-car tech to give customers the best possible experience. This means working frequently with Android Automotive and ecosystem experts for the app design and engineering that users will experience every day, while they define the core services that all applications utilize. The Android Automotive Team works with OEMs to build infotainment systems that will delight users while also allowing OEMs to look beyond the car and adapt to our connected IoT reality.  

Enhancing VRU safety and the driver experience

Safety has always been a main concern of companies working in the mobility sector. As our relationship with cars and technology continues to evolve, Valtech works to maintain standards of safety in all that we do because we believe precompetitive software and standards are necessary for safer roads. Our team brings collective experience to ongoing standardization efforts and technology development to protect Vulnerable Road Users. Ensuring that roads are safe for drivers, pedestrians, cyclists, construction workers and anyone in between. As a founding member of the SAE vulnerable road user consortium, we actively participate in standard-setting for protecting the safety of all VRUs. We also participate in testing safety options under both controlled and realistic conditions, and remain knowledgeable of the technology fueling all aspects of vehicle safety.

The future of vehicle ownership and delivery

All of these changes set the stage for enabling OEMs around the world to adapt D2C car buying and delivery methods to match the evolving shopping behaviors of customers. The Valtech Mobility team works with OEMs to not only make the changes to their digital platforms that will enable D2C purchases, but also in evolving crucial outlooks and ways of working that facilitate these changes. In addition to going D2C, we also help OEMs envision and build a future in which they support evolving vehicle ownership models. Subscription and shared ownership options are becoming increasingly popular among drivers. We’re paving the way for every aspect of the future of mobility.

Webinar: Mobility in the modern age

To learn more about Valtech’s end-to-end mobility services, watch our latest Experiences & Intersections: mobility in the modern age webinar where our experts will explore many important topics for mobility companies. Valtech CEO Olivier Padiou will discuss why now is the most opportune time to focus on Mobility. SVP of Emerging + Connected Experiences, Marc Maleh will explore the intersections of innovation and experience establishing the future of mobility. These topics as well as connected experiences, Android connected vehicles and even connected cities will be explored by Valtech SMEs over the first half of the webinar.  

Next to this talk, two break out rooms have been recorded. These rooms will explore ways for car companies to deliver fully integrated Customer Experiences, or dive into topics related to competitor engagement and working with industry standards. The breakout rooms facilitate industry inside discussion and thought leadership related to the future of mobility.  

Watch our Mobility event of the year here.

Delivering a D2C option to BMW

BMW had a “a customer journey from hell” in which their only option for online sales of stock cars was to give their “car data to third party websites and buying that data back in the shape of a car ad with homemade photographs.” What started as a plan to streamline that process with a car configurator became a D2C enablement strategy, with a new digital sales advisor supporting one of the world's leading automobile manufacturers.

Improving conversion rates for Toyota

After helping Toyota enter the D2C space with an innovative digital car-buying solution, Valtech was invited to update the company’s tech stack. Their legacy IT landscape included more than 1,500 websites all hampered by an inability to innovate and deliver the kind of experience they wanted for their customers. The time was right to transform the information architecture and replace the outdated Tridion architecture with a customized, high-performing DXP, Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). 

Our UX teams audited and evaluated multiple scenarios over the course of a year, looking closely at the usability of the existing car buying journey, and after addressing their concerns, our efforts led to a 7% increase in conversion rates. Learn more about our work with Toyota here.  

Increasing personalization with Audi Themes

Our relationship with Audi extends back over 20 years. We’ve worked with them on everything from virtual showrooms to car configurators, from Alexa integrations to real time data analysis directly in the vehicle. When Audi wanted to increase personalization options within their vehicles, we helped them set up a new platform to bring third-party content into their cars with Audi Themes. 

Through a connection with the myAudi app, drivers can now activate purchased themes that will edit the UX interface with their vehicle, set up background images and affect ambiance lighting within the vehicle. Additionally, third party companies can create content specific for Audi customers via a web-portal, and sell that content directly through the myAudi app. These unique personalization experiences provide useful data to both Audi and those third-party companies about customer behavior.

Elevating insurance options with ridewise

Evolving the mobility industry doesn’t stop at car companies. Connected industries, such as Insurance, also benefit from innovative thinking. Insurers face notable challenges in terms of limited customer interaction, decreasing customer satisfaction, and escalating cost pressures. At Valtech, we not only create experiences for drivers, but we also create products that change the way companies sell insurance. As such, Valtech has developed ridewise, a full-service product for smart insurance in automotive.

Without relying on aftermarket hardware, ridewise harnesses the power of connected vehicles, allowing insurers to access aggregated data from millions of vehicles. This service provides deep insights through analysis of combined car and smartphone data, offering improved customer relationships, and the ability to attract new customers with highly personalized Pay-How-You-Drive insurance plans. Get in touch today to learn more about ridewise and the many ways Valtech is leveraginge connected vehicles to suit your customers. 

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