The Voice of Digital Leaders in Manufacturing

COMING SOON! We will release the 2023 version of our annual The Voice of Digital Leaders in Manufacturing report. Pre-request the report now, so you will receive it in your inbox as soon as it’s released! For this annual report, we asked forward-thinking leaders from across the world to share their valuable insights into the current state of digital transformation in the B2B space and how digital innovation is changing the future of the manufacturing industry.

38 Pages

30 Minutes reading

Discover what decisions your peers are making regarding ecommerce, customer portals, digital services, and more. The results in this report, the expert recommendations, and practical advice will help you navigate this year's challenges and empower you to make more informed decisions on your transformation journey as you bring your digital ambitions to life in a B2B environment.

Learn from digital transformation leaders in Manufacturing

You will learn about the adoption of digital in the B2B space and get answers to questions like:

  • How does digital help Manufacturers build resilience and agility to deal with the current challenging market conditions?

  • What advice do digital leaders offer their peers in the B2B space who are undergoing digital transformation?

  • How does organizational change play a crucial role in the digital transformation?

  • What tools are digital leaders investing in to make this change happen?

The Voice of Digital Leaders in Manufacturing is an initiative by Valtech and Copperberg to provide thought leadership to the B2B community.