The voice of digital leaders in manufacturing 2022

We’ve gathered survey results from 50 B2B industry leaders about how the digital revolution continues to influence their business.

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Tackle industry challenges with digital transformation

In the past two years, manufacturers, distributors and retailers have adopted accelerated digital transformation in the face of a rapidly growing online buying trend. The pandemic has shown that ecommerce and digital transformation in manufacturing are not only assets but are necessary for businesses to survive in today’s market.

B2B online sales in the U.S. grew 17.8% between 2020 and 2021, from $1.30 trillion to $1.63 trillion. B2B ecommerce grew 1.17 times faster than the growth of all U.S. manufacturing and distributor sales in 2021. What do these numbers actually mean?

This is the first edition of a yearly survey that helps you with practical insights and enables you to benchmark your organization. It will help you define the next steps to become more customer-oriented in your digital initiatives.

Learn from digital transformation leaders

In this whitepaper, you’ll learn more about the adoption of digital within B2B spaces, organizational changes that make the shift easier and the tools needed to enact them, and you’ll get expert advice about commerce strategies that work for B2B leaders in digital transformation. Next to this, you'll get the answer to questions like "what is digital transformation in manufacturing?" and "how do you lead a digital transformation?", as well as B2B digital transformation case studies and examples.

"The research results and the way they are presented are very clear and precisely indicate market trends. Most importantly, however, this is information collected from practitioners, people who deal with digital transformation on a daily basis."

- Robert Szadkowski, SECO/Warwick group.

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