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Get to Know Agria

Valtech and Agria are working together as digital partners in a cross-functional team to make it easier to safeguard the lives of our faithful furry friends, not to mention their masters’ peace of mind.


The Story

To meet customer expectations regarding a simple and functional digital experience when they buy insurance for their pets, we increased the seamlessness between systems and devices alike. The entire digital service is now responsive and ready to continuously activate all the various insurance services that are constantly evolving.

We made everything measurable, making it easy to track various promotions and campaigns, and optimise accordingly.

We have also worked to simplify matters for pet owners, conducting in-depth interviews to determine their needs in terms of services and information. This rather than pushing what the company thinks they ought to have.

It also needs to be easy for Agria’s marketing department to work on the digital customer experience. Which is why we made everything measurable, making it easy to track various promotions and campaigns, and optimise accordingly. This is why focused to such a degree on a solid information architecture and search engine optimisation concept, while also enhancing focus on conversion.

The new platform will also support the business in that Agria will quickly be able to respond to changes. It should be possible to easily change and update content, change marketing messages, and try out different variations and themes. Which is why we also made things as smooth as possible for the web editors, who are working using relatively advanced image processing techniques. They shouldn’t have to feel that they need to tinker with a bunch of different systems to perform their task (which they do) – there should be a feeling that everything is happening in the same environment.

Doing all this requires a flexible platform and an architecture that ties together the various systems, making it possible to meet the needs of both the business and its users. One feature we like to boast about, and which has been a success factor in our collaboration with, is the custom shell between ImageVault and Optimizely.

Agria is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lansforsakringar and is the Lansförsakringar Alliance’s specialist company for animal and crop insurance. Outside of Sweden, Agria is also present on the Norwegian, Danish and UK markets. Our operations in Sweden are based on two business areas. Our Small Animal business area insures dogs, cats and "small animals", i.e. pets like rodents, minipigs, reptiles and cage birds. Our Equine and Agricultural business area provides insurance policies for all types of horses – and for all horse owners, and for Sweden's farmers and their animals and crops too.

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