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The Challenge


Audi asked Valtech to investigate the possibility of using Big Data infrastructure to stream real-time data from the CAN busses of vehicles. Their existing architecture did not allow for real-time analysis which impacted the usefulness of the data. Valtech proposed a solution that would deliver higher value to the business and customers.

The Solution


Valtech used test vehicles streaming far more data than current production vehicles in an end2end pilot to establish the potential for using data in real-time and allow internal stakeholders the ability to refine which user stories to work towards in the production I.T. refresh. This allowed new conversations on revenue generation based on potential user stories through engaging with Audi Sales & Marketing.

The Techy Bit


Valtech delivered an end2end infrastructure including inVehicle OCUs based on the Valtech product acon as well as a Data Analytics stack with HortonWorks and finally a mobile phone app to deliver timeliness of data. This enabled the Senior Managers to understand the value of near real-time data in providing recommendations, vehicle maintenance and regulatory support to their customers. Valtech also provided an integration to SAS Event Streaming Processing in order to enable Audi to evaluate the usefulness of in-stream analytics. 

The Result


Audi has now proved that the timeliness of data is just as important as the quality and volume, and that real time analytics can provide more measurable differences to their customers’ experiences in-car. Additionally, the service provides data regarding the health of the car – so Audi know when it is likely to have a service, and what will need to be fixed first.

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