Digital Transformation for Schustermann & Borenstein

The award-winning platform was developed "out of thin air".

Digital Transformation for Schustermann & Borenstein



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Get to Know Best Secret

Building a Shopping-Community

As a subsidiary of one of the oldest textile wholesalers in Europe, Best Secret has everything in stock and they have a permanent, wide range of fashion for women, men and children.

In addition to their online shop, they are also running unique brick-and-mortar stores in Munich, Frankfurt, Dornach and Vienna.

Valtech was commissioned to adapt the established business model of the client Schustermann & Borenstein as an online offering. The shopping community was to offer surplus goods from renowned fashion brands to an exclusive, limited clientele at favorable conditions (analogous to the original store business).

Digital Transformation par Excellence

Digital Transformation par Excellence

Based on SAP CX, a scalable e-commerce platform was developed in an agile end-to-end process. The scalability of the platform allows for the continuous implementation of new functions and content in response to the ever-increasing number of members and products. An app for smartphones extends the sales channel to mobile devices. Offers are advertised with the help of a customizable newsletter. In addition, a high-quality, fully integrated fashion magazine provides information on current trends and products, which the user can add to the shopping cart with a single click.

Out of Thin Air

Out of Thin Air

The development of the award-winning platform took place "out of thin air": All structures and content were newly created - starting with research, through content production (design, web copywriting and UX), development and support of the technical infrastructure (CMS, front-end and back-end), mobile marketing (shopping app), strategic consulting (online branding) and editorial support (newsletter marketing, integrated fashion magazine) to digital marketing.

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