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Get to Know BMW

Founded over 100 years ago to develop airships and aircraft engines, the BMW Group is now one of the world's dominant premium automobile manufacturers with 31 production and assembly plants in 15 countries and a global sales network.


The Starting Point

The demand for used vehicles has risen steadily over the last few years. In addition, the search for information and purchase of vehicles is increasingly taking place online, with the used car business being dominated by third-party platforms. To better reach potential customers, BMW decided to double down on their efforts and strengthen the channel for used car purchasing.



The Assignment

Together with Valtech, a SAP CX based redesign of the BMW used car exchange was planned with the aim of a global design and roll-out. The idea: to be able to launch within a very short time frame in the first markets.

To be able to implement a system of local governance of content to a certain degree, but make sure that the BMW brand, the usability and look-and-feel of the new portal was always secured,  an addtional and very important functionality was added to the to-do list: the dealers were to be enabled to set up and maintain their own content on the site worldwide.



The Result

After only six months, all relevant BMW systems were integrated, the MVP was rolled out on the basis of an SAP cloud version and Adobe Analytics was integrated.

The use of Smart-Edit created the possibility of individual continuous page customization, which allows the dealer to customize any component of the site. Not only can services, videos, etc. be added and information supplemented, but search criteria can also be adapted to specific countries. The changes can be made live on the respective dealer's website immediately. The import process developed by Valtech and the corresponding VIN decoder enables the easy creation of new used car accesses. Other markets and brands, such as the Mini brand belonging to BMW, can be integrated in the same way.

Meanwhile the site is live in Japan, Dubai and Mexico. Recently, it has also become available in the relevant core market Germany with 700 dealers and approximately 40,000 vehicles.

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